Best Shoes To Match All Your Jeans Styles
August 02, 2020

Best Shoes To Match All Your Jeans Styles

Nothing spells out elegance as clearly as a killer combo of blue jeans and crisp white shirt. Jeans and denim have been in vogue for as long as we remember. However, you can now add layers to your denim look by teaming it up with various types of shoes. But just like mismatched colors can kill your look, the improper pairing of shoes and jeans can come out as a fashion disaster of equal magnitude.

But today we will share with you an illustrated guide on the types of shoes to match various jeans cut which is sure to work wonders on your overall appearance.

Best Shoes To Match All Your Jeans Styles

The low/ultra-low rise jeans– This typically “hip-wear” starts three-five inches below the navel.

  • One with those super tucked abs can wear them with ease and easily pair it up with pointed-toe T strap. The pointy toe works like magic with the laid back and casual jeans style.
  • If it’s a lousy day then d’Orsay flats should adorn your heels. The leg slimming flats act like a cherry on top of your flattering curves.

Best Shoes: Heels, Boots and Sneakers(Check sneaker types)
Worst Shoes: Athletic Shoes, Slipper, Flats, Mules, Clogs and Loafer

Mid-rise jeans– So all those girls who have fleshy hips and thighs, don’t be disheartened, because the mid-rise jeans are your knight in shining armor. Looking ravishing and feeling comfortable at the same time becomes a child’s play with the mid-rise jeans.

  • Be it work or a casual party, wear it right with those solid colored stilettos and perk up your look.

Best Shoes: Boots, Heels, Athletic Shoes and Sneakers
Worst Shoes: Loafer, Flats, Slipper, Mules and Clogs

High rise jeans–  This retro-styled wear best worn with a long tucked in blouse, if flaunted the right way, can make you look gorgeous as ever.

  • Team it up, with an ankle boot to give it a sexy yet cute touch.
  • The classic sneakers do amazing tricks by putting up a typically relaxed and cool appearance.
  • Tap in the perfect balance of comfort and style with Wedge heels.

Best Shoes: Mules, Clogs, Sneakers, Boots, Loafer and Heels
Worst Shoes: Athletic Shoes, Flats and Slipper

The boyfriend jeans – And amidst all those classy and ‘oh-so-perfect names’, here we have the typical boyfriend jeans. This denim is so loose and baggy; it seems as if it’s snatched from your boyfriend’s cupboard.

  • Mostly worn during summers, this is best teamed up with slip-on sneakers.
  • You can even pair it up with a flip flop during those lousy sunny days.
  • Colorful heeled sandals with thick straps, nude pumps or leopard flats can transform your jeans into statement wear.

Best Shoes: Heels, Boots, Sneakers and Athletic Shoes 
Worst Shoes: Loafer, Flats, Slipper, Mules and Clogs

The boot cut jeans– The typical ‘Saturday night’ look, comes with poise and elegance. This denim has a wide opening beginning from the knee to the ankle.

  • Often known as ‘the rough bell bottoms’, this denim is matched best with mules or a cut out pointed heel.
  • You can also adhere to the “borrowed from men” mood with some menswear-inspired flats.

Best Shoes: Boots, Flats, Heels and Sneakers
Worst Shoes: Athletic Shoes, Slipper, Loafer, Mule and Clogs

The Flared jeans – Keeping up with the 70’s rage you can team up the floor-grazing flared denim with the right pair of shoes to set the party scene on fire.

  • Platform wedges provide the much-needed height along with maintaining the casual style of this fetching denim.
  • Pointed Toe Pumps add up to the illusion of never-ending legs which we all wish to have.
  • Platform heels will add height to your petite frame without revealing the source.
  • The sultry peep toe heels will accentuate you “to die for” curves pepping up the sensuality quotient of your entire outfit.
  • High heeled clogs bring with them Indie vibes and also are comfortable on your feet.
  • Channel your inner maverick with the Almond Toe Boots if you are on a lookout of making your girlfriends jealous with the timeless cowboy couture.

Best Shoes: Heels, Boots, Mules, Clogs and Loafer
Worst Shoes: Athletic Shoes, Sneakers, Slipper and Flats

Straight cut jeans – Fitted at the hips and going straight down the knees, the Straight cut denim looks like a dream whenever zipped on by voluptuous ladies.

  • Send out a casually stylish message with the streamlined sneakers.
  • Craft the perfect diva like look with tucked in boots.
  • Give the world a view of your personal style with the timeless Ballerina flats.
  • Stiletto pumps give you a sexy yet subtle look.
  • Hit all the right marks with the sleek Ballerina flats.

Best Shoes: Flats, Boots, Sneakers, Loafer and Slipper
Worst Shoes: Mules, Clogs, Athletic Shoes and Slipper

Skinny jeans– To flaunt those lovely curves and those flesh free legs and thighs, skinny jeans are the right thing to wear. So the next time you are planning for a friends’ meet up, team it up with the right pair of shoes and just shimmer!

  • You can pair it up with heels to make your lean silhouette stand out.
  • Wear it with conversation starter flats with cozy texture or animal print.
  • Slip-on sneakers showing a bit of ankle looks flattering.
  • If sneakers are too simple for your taste then you can go ahead with perforated leather loafers to add a masculine edge.
  • Comfy as hell flip flops for the blister-free weekend.

Best Shoes: Athletic Shoes, Boots, Heels, Loafer, Sneakers, Mules and Clogs
Worst Shoes: Flats and Slipper. These 7 Shoes you should never user with skinny jeans

May 20th, 1873 marked an astonishing change in the history of fashion. Putting behind the typical trousers and bell bottoms, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis introduced a typically rough material, which could be easily handled and was comfortable at the same time. Popular by the name of “blue jean” during its initial days, this material became extremely famous and was readily accepted by all. Initially designed for the Cowboys, jeans became a fashion statement of teenagers and were eventually accepted by both men and women.

To match its sources, accessories became popular as well, and when it comes to accessories, shoes top the list. It’s always the shoes which speak volumes about style and makes one classy or cool accordingly. There are different types of jeans which when matched correctly, along with the right accessories, makes one complete. One look at our today’s article and you are sure to rock the party with those never-ending legs and killer shoes.