Best Reality Lifestyle Shows on Netflix
May 28, 2021

Best Reality Lifestyle Shows on Netflix

When it comes to finding out the best lifestyle shows available on the web or TV, our first guess is always Netflix, not only because you will find numerous great movies on Netflix, but it also houses a ton of reality TV shows that are way more than just people living in a house or so. Plus, you may even get to learn something from them. 

We know how things would have gotten messy during the lockdown, and the only way to keep yourself busy during this time is to find better things to do all this time. Creating a healthy balance is significant too if you are working from home, and there is nothing else than Marie Kondo’s soothing words that will help you create a peaceful environment. 

So without any further wait, let’s dive in and see which one of the lifestyle shows on Netflix are totally killing it this year: 

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Dream Home Makeovers

Husband and wife Shea and Syd, owners of Studio McGhee, are all set to finally move in their own home after living in rentals. The design gurus finally got to design their own home and decorate numerous other fancy houses and minor one-room projects to stick to their roots of where it all started. This home interior decoration show will definitely bring out the artist in you and make you want to experiment on your own even if you can’t afford to hire them. 

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Get Organized with The Home Edit

Clea and Joanna are the best people to call when your closet is a mess, or your kitchen is too cluttered, or worse, your whole house is a mess. They are your go-to organizers who have it all under control with their team of experts, strong independent women who will turn your once messy closet into a dream project, fulfilling all your needs and requirements in one go. Oh, and did we mention that they have worked for Khloe Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, amongst many? Yeah, we’ll leave it to that. 

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Marriage or Mortgage 

What’s your “worth it” splurge when it comes to spending the most money on anything. Will it be your wedding? Or will it be putting a down payment on your own house? With this new Netflix Original series, couples will have to choose what’s best for them in terms of getting the fairytale wedding of their dreams or the perfect home to settle in? To influence their decision, a wedding planner and a real estate agent will tag along with them and give them a glimpse of what they can have if they just say yes! 

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Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Amongst the most trending lifestyle shows on Netflix. This one sparks joy! You probably must’ve heard about this one a lot with Marie Kondo helping families organize their cluttered space based on fundamental principles, which will also help them declutter baggage that is unnecessary and is not a source of happiness in their life whatsoever. If you ask us, it is more than just a regular cleaning show and offers a message for more than just “clean your room.” 

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Love is Blind

Would you avail the chance to date someone, without even seeing them? Yup, we are that bored now that in search of love, this is the method people are experimenting with and taking a blind shot at it when everything else fails. ‘Love is Blind’ is a new take on dating from behind the wall, just like old-school courtships; all you have to do is create a mental and emotional connection with the person on the other side of the wall without seeing them in person until you are truly in love. Interesting, right?  because looks aren’t everything. 

Cooked with Cannabis 

With the legalization of medical marijuana, people have started experimenting with the leaves more than usual now. It's not just about smoking the weed now; it's about eating it as well, and not like juvie, but in a manner so classy that it will make you rethink your stance if you support the ban of this drug. Cooked with Cannabis will tell you how you can make more than just pot brownies; there are way more ways to intoxicate yourself with it than just this.