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Best Places To Find Patches

There's no better feeling than making something your own by covering it with patches that really speak to you. Find the best 5 places to get them here!

Best Places To Find Patches

Patches are important identification tools. They have been commonly used by men of uniform like the military, specialized workers, and emergency services personnel. Today, employees of private companies and sports teams are also wearing them.

Most of the patches are embroidered, but there are modern alternatives like woven labels and PVC patches that can be customized with different add-ons and attachments like glow, velcro and iron on.

The common types of patches are; biker, flag, and religious patches. There are numerous places you can find patches, but all are different. They stock different brands, varieties, and their prices are also different.

It takes a lot to find embroidered patches to decorate your jacket or vest, patch your denim, iron on your hat, or embellish a photo album. Regardless of your motivation, we have prepared a list of the top 5 best places to find patches.

1. Online

The internet is the best place to start looking for original patches made of high-quality materials. You can always explore the patches store online, compare prices and discover some amazing deals. Do check for their reviews, you’ll get a better idea to buy patches. Some of the online sources for patches include social media, Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist.

The internet is a good source because of the following reasons; first, you’ll access a wide variety of patches to choose from. Second, you’ll enjoy great deals online. Custom patches are cheaper online as compared to purchasing them from physical stores.

Custome patches

They are cheap because of the stiff competition online. Each vendor has reduced his/her price to stand out of the competition and attract more customers. They can reduce their prices because of low operating costs.

You can also find custom patches to meet your needs from online stores.

But, the downsides of buying patches online are; you’re paying for items that you haven’t gotten hold of, see how they fit in your jacket, know their exact colors, or size. There are also unscrupulous dealers online.

Make sure that you go through the customer reviews before purchasing patches from any dealer online.

2. Use Your Network To Buy Patches 

If you’re looking to wear a patch to demonstrate your affiliation to a particular organization, start searching for them from the other members of the group. Bikers are among the groups that wear patches to denote their membership to specific groups.

Many bikers purchase patches in wholesale for all their gears. Some of them have extra patches that they have not fitted on their jackets that they can sell. If you’re a member of a biker gang or a riding club, capitalize on these organizations for trading opportunities.

But, not all groups are open to everyone. While some groups encourage the trade of patches, others are exclusive; hence you’ll have to earn them. You can’t just ask for or trade patches with the members.

For example, you can’t trade patches with biker gang members if you’re not one of them. You will risk getting into trouble with the hardcore bikers. So, know the rules of the group that you intend to trade patches with.

3. Events

Events like rallies, trade shows, and conventions are some of the best places to find patches.

Enthusiasts travel to expositions, rallies, trade shows, and conventions. These events are held in major cities, and you will find numerous vendors selling patches.

The good thing about buying patches from events is that you will find a variety of vendors selling their different offerings. You will select patches based on your favorite colors and sizes, touch and fee them and also fit them on your jacket, vest, denim, or hat.

However, vendors have a habit of capitalizing on events to make high profits. They take advantage of the events to recover their expenses such as traveling costs, paying for space, and also make a profit.

So, expect to pay more for patches you buy at events. 

4 Estate Sales

This is not a common source, but you can find patches from estate sales.

Take advantage of estate sales to find a wide collection of biker patches. The vendors bring various varieties of patches in one place. They are also cheaper as compared to rallies because they don’t travel from far or pay a lot of fees for their spaces.

The downside of estate sales is that they are similar to garage sales. People use them to sell items when downsizing, after divorce, death of their loved ones, moving, or looking to make quick cash by liquidating their items.

So, your chances of getting your preferred patches in estate sales are limited.

5. Stores

People have been collecting patches as souvenirs for a long time. Thus, you can find some of the best patches in collectible stores. But, before going to a collectible store, call them in advance and inquire if they stock your preferred patches.

Physical stores are good because they stock a wide variety of patches that you can select from based on color, size, or price. You can also get a feel of the patches and fit them before making your purchase decision.

But, patches bought from stores are expensive. These stores have high operating costs like rent, salaries, licenses, and utility bills to pay. These costs are transferred to the customers.

These Are The Best Places To Find Patches

The internet, your network, events, estate sales, and stores are some of the best places to find patches. You’ll find patches to denote your identity, job, or rank.

Online sources are cheap and present numerous varieties, but you’re not sure of what you’re paying for. You can touch and fit the patches in physical stores and rallies before purchasing them, but they are expensive.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and cost to find biker patches that meet all your needs. So, you need a good budget, effort to search from various vendors, and patience because good things come to those who wait.

The best source for biker patches is one that meets all your demands; whether you’re searching for small patches like eagle and skulls, large patches for your jacket, or funny sayings.

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Best Places To Find Patches