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Best NFL Jerseys

Since the early 20th century, football has thoroughly engrained itself in the culture of the United States. While baseball is often referred to as “America’s favorite pastime”, it is indeed football that the rest of the world commonly associated with the good old US of A. The National Football League is the biggest and richest sports organization in the country. Its matches are watched and enjoyed by fans from all over the county.

When watching the NFL, sometimes one will hear something like “the game is all that matters.” However, let’s be honest. Football is much more than just “football”. The game is enhanced by its ample betting culture, which in 2022 has moved from land-based bookies to offshore betting sites that can be trusted thanks to technological developments in cyber security. And it is also enhanced for many by the fashion that comes along with it.

Best NFL Jerseys

The Fashion of the NFL

Would it surprise anyone if we said that fashion is pretty important when it comes to the National Football League, and the sport in general? After all, there are a ton of reasons why men (and women) like watching football. And fashion is not usually at the top of that list of reasons. But, none-the-less, fashion is an integral part, not just of the NFL, but of the sporting world in general. After all, why else would we be ranking the NFL jerseys year-after-year?

The NFL jersey is more than just a uniform. It is a way to unite a team, not just with each other, but with their fans. And while most football fans might not want to admit it, they still care about how their team looks when they are bringing the pain on the field. After all, it stings a bit when fans from the rival team start to mock the thing that closely bonds you together with your favorite players. So, in this article, we are going to look at the best NFL jerseys of 2022 and talk about what makes them great.

The Los Angeles Chargers

First on our list are the Los Angeles Chargers, who have been experiencing a sort of drought for the past 12 years. For the best decade +, the Chargers have not been able to win the coveted AFC West title. However, this year has certainly been an improvement to last, not just in gameplay, but in jersey design. A powder blue shirt and under leggings helps to bring out the sunshine yellow of the over leggings. Topped off with a white helmet and decorated with white and yellow lightning bolts, the jersey brings to mind speed and power, and easily gets the fans excited for the next match.

Atlanta Falcons

Black and red have always gone well together. Both colors spell foreboding and danger. So, when the Atlanta Falcons brought them together, there is no doubt in our mind that what they were going for is a hope to instill the other team with a sense of danger. The black shirt and leggings serve as a perfect canvas for the red stripes and letterings that pepper the Jersey. To top it all off, silver markings on the helmet make the team look like they’ve stepped straight out of a sports film. Not only do the falcons have one of the best jerseys of the year, they are also one of the top ranking teams, named consistently by many oddsmakers and favorites among many of those betting on the NFL.

Cincinnati Bengals

Black and red might go well together traditionally, but who would have thought that black and orange would take the lead in terms of fashion and aesthetics. The black shirt placed over a white undershirt calls to mind the body of a strong Bengal tiger. Topped off with orange stripes and an orange, black-striped helmet, the aesthetic is complete. At least in 2022, the Bengals have truly and perfectly captured the look that one might associate with the mighty creature whose name they carry.

Honorable Mentions

The three teams we mentioned certainly carry some of the best colors in 2022. However, they are not the only ones whose jerseys are worth mentioning. The Las Vegas Raiders’ jersey is rather plain, but very much aesthetically pleasing. A plain black shirt worn over white leggings and their traditional silver helmet does the job well and is great to look at. The Carolina Panthers have also managed to perfectly translate their namesake into a jersey, with black, silver and Carolina blue instantly calling to mind their mascot. Lastly, the Seahawks went a very bold route with Action Green and College Navy blue. Topped off with gray, the uniform may be brave, but they manage to pull it off quite well.

This article was written in collaboration with NFL betting experts.