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Best Men’s Custom Kilts 2021

Planning to wear a kilt for the next occasion? Continue reading as you are going to get the complete guide to a perfect kilt outfit for you to rock any event. Yes! You are at the right place because in this article you will know how to get yourself a kilt and make it look like it's made only for you. Here I am going to tell you all the hacks that will help you stand out with your kilt no matter if you belong to Scotland or not.

No matter if you are thick or thin, brown or white, no matter whatever body type is yours. Reading this article till the end will make you feel like a celebrity in disguise in the next event you attend. There are tons of men’s kilts for sale available here. Most of you avoid wearing a kilt because you might think it won't suit you or it's not for your body type and according to some people it's girlish, but not anymore as I'm going to tell you how to prove that kilt is a men’s garment. 

“The Standard” Tartan Kilt

Utility kilts are made from heavy-weight cotton and designed to be hard-wearing and durable. These kilts come in plain colors or tartan and feature several pockets which make them very attractive to those who like to or need to keep a lot of stuff with them. No offense to all of the other kilts for men, but this tartan utility kilt is the kilt that makes you stand out almost on every occasion, formal or informal and makes you look classy without any ifs or buts. It’s a super quality purchase given the low price because good quality and attractive-looking kilts can go for crazy high prices. It’s designed so that you can easily walk or move comfortably so you will never feel trapped inside. Apart from that, it comes in several eye-catching colors as well so you can choose the color which suits you the most or according to your shirt and jacket    

Deluxe Utility Kilts 

The authentic Deluxe Utility Kilt includes high–quality knife pleats. Deluxe Utility kilts have different available colors that you can choose from – Army Green, Jet Black, and Plum Brown. There are tons of Utility Kilt options that are available out there. These are seen and best worn to casual occasions, running everyday errands, as well as semi-formal events. You can even get it made according to your body type, fitting requirement likes, and dislikes. The Deluxe Utility Kilts are designed with 100% cotton. They are adjustable and with the Leather Strap System. Big cargo pockets are available on both sides of the kilt’s both sides. The leather strap lets you adjust the size of your kilt for a better fit. It is a modern style that provides high-standard comfortability as compared with traditional kilts that commonly utilize the buckle hip fastening method.

Workman Utility Kilts

The Workman Utility Kilt is perfectly designed to be adjustable to your size to give you a better and more comfortable fit at work as the name tells itself. It is made from 100% cotton, with a khaki front apron and pockets. These kilts provide excellent airflow, and you can comfortably move while you’re working and at the same time look awesome even at work, isn't it amazing? I am sure it is! It is available in two colors to choose from. You can choose from the black or the khaki one. Or if you like it, you can choose both!   

Active Utility Kilts

Do you want to still look great even when you’re doing strenuous activities, such as jogging or hiking? If yes, then you can never go wrong with our Active Utility Kilt. This product is specifically designed for extreme comfortability when moving actively. This Kilt comes with ‘Box’ style pleats, which hold tighter than a standard knife pleat, great for active people on the run while saving you from accidental and unwanted exposure.   

AAR Men's Kilt Scottish Tartan Kilt 

AAR men’s kilt is detailed with side leather belting. It has a completely pleated back as a perfect men’s kilt is always pleated at the back so you can move around freely. An AAR kilt is made from a durable poly-viscose material that will last you longer than you think. You should prefer wearing this particular kilt design to casual events and go for others for your formal events. 

Scottish Men's Kilt Traditional Highland Tartan Utility Kilt

It's a stretchy kilt, Yeah, you are reading it right. This traditional tartan utility kilt is stretchable and is made with 5% spandex to ensure no matter where you’re wearing it, your kilt is going to match your movements. It has all the bells and whistles you’d think a modern kilt would have, such as pockets, buttons, and the traditional waist-snatching side belt. It’s perfect for weddings, sports, and day-to-day wear. It also comes in several different eye-catching colors. 

COS Recycled Polyamide Quilted Kilt 

This one takes the kilt game to the next level by foregoing that traditional kilted look brings out a look that’s a bit classier. Made from a mix of recycled materials, giving your kilt outfit a modern upgrade with a padded finish and belt buckle closure. It's designed with clean-cut edges and subtle stitching with all-over quilting. It looks like a picnic blanket. Like, we have seen this exact look from something at Rumpl. ditches the traditional plaid and pleats, still, it challenges gender stereotypes and fights social norms in terms of fashion.

A five yards kilt

A kilt that is made from 5 yards of fabric will be around 37% lighter than the traditional kilt which is usually made from 8 yards of fabric. And surprisingly it looks the same as the traditional kilts except for the lesser pleats at the back, but you can have the same traditional look from the front while feeling light, so it will be great customization for summers.


Choosing a kilt that represents your personality and is made exactly the way you like can be a challenging thing to do but it is not impossible at all. I've listed a few options above for you to customize your kilt outfits as per your needs and likings and obviously what suits you or not. Isn't it amazing that You don’t have to get bound with A simple and traditional kilt but you can actually choose what you want? It surely is amazing. So why wait now? Go get your kilt in your favorite color, design, and as comfortable as you want and need.