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Best Instagram Friendly Photos Of Your Dog

Who doesn’t love taking photos with their pets? Not only do pet photos dominate on Instagram, but they’re a fun way to document these special memories. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words... For more interesting facts about your puppy like "Can dogs eat black pepper" visit -

However, nailing that perfect shot with your pet is easier said than done. How do you make sure your pet looks their best in each photo? In this guide, we’ll share the best Instagram-friendly photos of your dog as well as some tips for the perfect photography session.

Instagram Friendly Photos Of Your Dog


Instagram Photoshoot Ideas

The right Instagram photo is only as strong as your idea. What are some fun ways to take photos of your dog? The key here is to make sure your photo session is just as fun for them as it is for you. 

We did our best social media research to find the best, cutest dog photoshoot ideas. These are perfect for dogs of any size, and you’re sure to have a blast doing them!

  • Cute treats: Snap a picture of your dog enjoying their favorite treat! Check out this website for some of the cutest pet cookies for your dog to enjoy. They’re super Instagrammable, and your pet will love every second of it. 
  • Holiday: Pay tribute to a special holiday like Halloween or your birthday by dressing your dog up in a costume. A fun hat and decorations go a long way, and this is sure to be an Instagram photo for the books. 
  • Family portrait: Who said family portraits were only for humans? Include your pet in your family portrait for a fun memory you’ll want to hold onto.
  • Travel: Even if your dog can’t travel far, snap a picture of your pet on their daily walk or in front of gorgeous backdrops. A trip to the beach or the mountains is always so much more fun with your pet along for the journey. 

Instagram Friendly Photos Of Your Dog


Tips for Taking Photos of Your Dog

Now that you know the best photoshoot ideas that are perfect for Instagram, how do you actually take that winning photo? Most pets aren’t exactly good at sitting still, so you’ll need to take extra steps to keep them comfortable and cooperating. 

First, stay calm and cool for each photo. If your dog notices you becoming anxious, they’ll pick up on this. Keeping everything relaxed is the best way to encourage your dog to stay calm. Next, do some pre-shoot primping. Make sure your dog looks their best by cleaning their fur and wiping anything from their eyes. 

Lastly, get low to the ground so you’re at your dog’s level. Crouching down will make the shot more intimate and appealing, and it will also help your dog focus on the camera. A few well-timed treats or toys can make all the difference, and your pet will be the star of the show in no time.

Have Fun with Dog Instagram Photos

At the end of the day, make sure you and your dog are having fun. Taking photos for Instagram is a great way to connect not only with your dog but also with your friends and family online. While it takes a bit of practice (and a lot of patience), these photos will turn out great. 

When you collect photos of your furry friend, you create special memories. These are the photos you’ll look back on for years, so make sure you’ve got some Insta-worthy favorites to choose from. 

Best Instagram Friendly Photos Of Your Dog