Best Camping Sites in New Hampshire
December 30, 2019

Best Camping Sites in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a sanctuary for those who would like to get away from the busy streets of Massachusetts. It’s divided into three regions: the granite area of the White Mountains, the sandy beaches of the Coastal Lowlands, and the mountainous Eastern New England Upland.

Many people who go here find respite in its soothing surroundings. Some stay for days, just camping in New Hampshire, away from the noise and the fast-paced life outside this sanctuary.

If you want to experience basking in the beauty of New Hampshire, there are about 20 State Parks, out of the 93, in this area where people are allowed to camp out. Here are some of the best spots:

Bear Brook State Park Campground

Bear Brook State Park Campground is a forested region in Allenstown where visitors can leave their stuff so that they can hike, bike, swim, and play archery to their heart’s content.

They can also rent a canoe and try out fly fishing in this area. Children would also enjoy playing around at one of its shallow ponds. This campground is a popular choice for many due to the full-amenities that it offers.

Aside from a rental shop that sells almost everything that you need when you camp, it also has coin-operated showers, firewood places, and a dump station.

White Lake State Park

White Lake State Park, located at Tamworth, is the only camping ground in the White Mountains with a lake. Going here will be worth your visit since you will get a chance to view this unique geographical formation, which was formed right after the Ice Age Period.

When the ice buried in the glacial debris melted, a depression formed, which then became the basin of the lake. Due to its popularity, there is a limit to the number of people who can wander here. It has 203 open campsites where visitors can sleep under lofty pine trees.

Coleman State Park Campground

Coleman State Park Campground on Stewartstown is one of the bases in the area that allows hunting. It’s also a popular spot for trout fishing and kayaking due to its calm waters.

Small boats are also allowed as long as their maximum speed is just 10mph. This place is often the favorite base of visitors who would like to do cross-country ATV riding and skiing. If you’re thinking of coming in from May to October, you should make reservations in advance. 

Umbagog Lake Campground

Umbagog Lake Campground is the top kayaking spot in New England. Its campground has around 60 RV or tent sites; 27 are fronting the lake, while the rest are in a remote location reachable only by boat. Aside from kayaking, wildlife viewing, fishing, and swimming are some of the popular activities in this location.

Sugarloaf Campgrounds

Sugarloaf Campground is under a covering of hardwoods in Twin Mountain. Aside from the Sugar Mountain summit, its trail also leads to the Zealand Falls Hut and Zealand River.

Going here will be an easy and safe climb since the trails are ledge-covered. Unlike other camping grounds, this location does not have a clean water source for drinking and showering, so vacationers need to bring their supply.

Camping in New Hampshire is both an adventure and a form of relaxation. Once you have set your foot on this land, you will surely go back over and over again.