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Benefits Of Using a Heavy Vest For Workout

Planning your fitness routine properly helps your body stay fit, and with a few extra modifications, you can even make it more productive. Placing external strain on your body in the right way while workout can both improve your body's strength and conditioning.

Heavy vests or tactical vests are wearable weights which you can wear at the time of exercise for better resistance and cardio conditioning. In this article, we will provide an informative description on the benefits of using heavy vests for workout and also discuss about certain things that you need to be careful when exercising with heavy vests.

Benefits of heavy vests:

Adding heavy vests in your exercise routine can yield multiple benefits. Heavy vests can help you increase your body weight which contributes to developing your strength, endurance, and cardio. Increased body weight also amplifies muscle stress and strain at the time of the workout. When you workout wearing a heavy vest, your body exerts more force and directs to faster energy depletion. Thus it can also affect your breathing pattern and oxygen intake capability during workout.

While terms like stressed muscles, depleted energy, increased breathing may seem negative to the body, but in actual they are opposite. First, it needs a little bit of time to cope up with your body, but after that, it will deduce positive results. You can check equipment at Red Hawk Tactical and make your choice for a suitable heavy vest. One of the most crucial things to be careful about while using heavy vests is starting slowly and gradually increasing weight as per your body's suitability.

Adding to that, wearing heavy vests can also help you with a variety of exercise options. Wearing heavy vests, you can jumble up stresses placed on your muscles at the time of exercise.

A few simple workouts which you can do wearing a heavy vest for the extra benefit include:

  • Treadmill run for 2-4 minutes.
  • Weight vest push-ups for 20 times.
  • Weight vest squats for 20 times.
  • Weight vest reverse lungs for 20 times.
  • Do cycling or ride a bike wearing a tactical vest for a great upper body exercise.
  • Do jogging or hike through uphill-downhill wearing tactical vests for improved lung capacity.


While you workout wearing a heavy vest, you need to be careful about certain things, or else it can end up being a disaster. If you are not well accustomed to the normal workout practices, or if you are a novice in daily exercise, then you should not wear a heavy vest, rather you should first know the basics of exercising.

Another concern that is quite frequent with tactical vests during the workout is; vests are aimed to increase your speed, agility, and explosiveness, but if not done properly, it can alter the body's center of gravity and generate a dissimilar body lean angle, which contributes in fluctuating your natural biomechanics.

Initially, you should not put much weight on the heavy vest. You can start with 5-10 lbs and later increase it to 40-50 lbs. Along with that, never try to work out wearing a heavy vest on your own. Do consult with a physician or a fitness trainer before planning your workout.

Wish you good luck for your workout with a heavy vest.