Beer Can Opener: Why Is It So Convenient?
September 09, 2020

Beer Can Opener: Why Is It So Convenient?

Most of us would agree that drinking beer right from the can hole doesn’t feel as good as taking small and aromatic sips from a glass.  There is something about the open mouth of the glass that makes the beverage more appetizing.

However, it is impractical to always bring them along. Solving this problem, we present you with beer can openers — a one-time solution to transform your beverage cans into pint-like cups. But how does it do that? Why is to so convenient to keep one? Let’s find out.

What Is A Beer Can Opener?

A beer can opener is a hand-held tool designed to take off the entire lid of a beer can, making it a conventional drinking vessel. The gadget, having a sharp blade, cuts the aluminium surface clean, leaving no pointy edges. The clean result is due to the sharp stainless-steel splitters that cut through the metal smoothly.

It allows you to enjoy your drinks without cutting your lips. All you have to do is simply place it on the lid, rotate the device, and the top will come off. Just take it out from your pocket, and convert any can into a cup to conveniently enjoy your drinks.

Why Is It So Convenient?

People, especially beer lovers, are madly in love with this gadget. It has made their lives around canned beverages easier. They have realized that drinking through the small built-in can hole isn’t the best way to enjoy the drinks — the nose smashes with the metal top, the hole makes it hard to take large sips, and the covering blocks out the appetizing aroma.

Do these experiences sound familiar? If yes, then a beer can opener is something worth your investment. Here are a few more reasons for how this device can bring ease to your life.

It Is Portable

The dimensions are similar to a regular cellphone, allowing you to carry the product in your pocket. As the body is compact and flat, carrying it won’t be a hassle. Plus, the latest beer can openers don’t weigh much, which means they won’t drag your pocket down.

Unlike conventional can openers, the surface doesn’t have any pointed features. Even though it may not be as portable as a bottle opener, the product is travel-friendly. No matter where you are, you can take it with you anywhere to enjoy as many beer cans as you want.

It Is Safe to Use

Although conventional can openers are usually safe and straightforward devices, the major safety issue is the sharp edge of the can. When cut, the metal’s razor-sharp edges poke out and can inflict serious injury. In worst-case scenarios, people needed many stitches to seal the wound caused by sharp can edges.

However, this isn’t the case with beer can openers. That’s because the splitters cut the metal around the seams, creating a smooth surface.  If done right, you can get rid of the sharp rim without having to touch the lid with your fingers.

Remember, not cutting properly results in tiny metal shavings or edges that can prove injurious. Therefore, make sure the pieces don’t fall in the beer and handle the device with caution. 

It Brings Ease

Imagine every time you crave a refreshing serving of beer, and there is no glass to pour it in. Sounds frustrating, right? You can fix it by keeping a beer can opener near so that, you can enjoy your beverages to the fullest.

Moreover, it isn’t a hefty gadget and doesn’t take much space. You can easily carry around wherever you go, and make an inviting glass of beer within seconds. So, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that this small gadget brings a good deal of ease in our lives.

It Is Environmental-Friendly

Plastic is the number one reason why our environment is degrading at an alarming rate. It not only pollutes but affects the eco-system on a much larger scale, the rate of which is unfathomable at this point.

A portion of that huge ratio comes from using plastic utensils. You would be utterly surprised to find out that a beer can opener can help reduce this pollution to some extent by eliminating the need for plastic glassware.

It means using this device, you won’t just be enjoying your favorite beverage at fullest but also preventing environmental degradation.  Therefore, no matter how you put it, this is a win-win situation.

It Is Easy to Use

The device comes with multiple rotational blades that sit inside the lid and split it using pressure. It takes a half turn of the blades to separate the top completely. But the number of turns usually depends on the size of the can.

The process is pretty simple and anyone can succeed in the first attempt. However, it may take some time initially to cut the rim clean and evenly with no leftover shavings or edges.

It Helps You Enjoy Your Beer Better

The aroma is a large part of the beer-drinking experience. Every type of beer smells different — some of the light ones smell like rich and sweet caramel, while others give out a toasty, chocolaty, and strong aroma.

How would you tell the difference when canned top blocks out most of the scent? That is exactly why you need a topless vessel to inhale the richness of the drink into your body. This is something you can’t afford to miss out if you seek to enjoy the given beverage at its finest.

Wrapping Up

When you have a beer can opener, there is no point in dirtying a glass. This small yet impressive tool removes the top of any beverage can that fit inside its blades. With no lid, you get to experience the full potential of your beer along with its bewitching aroma.

And there is nothing to worry about this method, the device creates a smooth edge which is harmless while drinking. So, make up your mind, and let this gadget level up your drinking game.

Beer Can Opener: Why Is It So Convenient?