Banggood Review: Should you buy from This Chinese Store?
August 05, 2019

Banggood Review: Should you buy from This Chinese Store?

1.7 trillion dollars!

This huge number represents the total estimated transaction that will take place in the online shopping sector of China, providing a cutting-edge advantage to the country by sky-rocketing its economy.

The nation not only acquires the widest spotlight in the world for its ever-growing population but also for providing affordable goods as bait to boom its global online trade, with the help of prime websites that jostle among each other for a spot.

As the era of e-commerce has dawned upon us, newbie sites bang their entry in the market. The question arises- Which one will stay and which one will be swept away by tides of tough competition?

Banggood- an online platform that sells almost everything has heated the market by making the breaking news. What is it about this site that is elevating its presence more than ever now? Will Banggood occupy the front row seat like Alibaba, Shein and Club Factory, or maybe even beat them? Is shopping from this site safe?

Let’s take these questions one at a time so that you can decide whether to give this one a try or not.

With the catchy tagline of “Best bang for your buck”,Banggood, the Chinese online retail brought a wave with a boasting claim of having a stock of 200,000 different products. Founded in 2006, this e-commerce was initially operating a different business, primarily dealing in software development.

Soon, the dynamics of the site shifted towards establishing a large-scale market with gadgets for techno savvies, fashion for trendsetters and trusted picks for brand lovers.

The curvy swoosh graphic sign between‘Bang’ and ‘good’ in the logo highlights that the company envisions to bridge the gap between both and invest in delivering goods with a bang. Also, the separate orangecolor on ‘gg’ and swoosh symbol below looks like a smiley, highlighting the customer happiness at this place. Pretty good interpretation there!

What are the pros of this site?

The steal deals or flash deals are too good to miss. Dispatching products with a promise of cheaper rates than other fast-selling sites like Amazon, Banggood makes you believe that shopping could be fun.

The e-commerce has a retail market spread worldwide with over 27 warehouses ready to ship your products. Have patience and you will receive your dream purchase in some days.

The privileges of pre-order will let you buy your favourite product in no time. A latest released itemcatches your eye and it seems dreamy. Sadly, you could not find it anywhere!

This would not happen at Banggood. Wait, there is more coming your way. If you are among the first ones to pre-order, then you may get it at an early bird discount rate. Seems like Banggood is in total favor of First come, first serve notion.

Keeping up with intelligent technologies, Banggood’s specialty is the latest exclusive range of ingenious devices. The plethora of innovative gadgets sold here cannot be easily found anywhere else. They promise satisfactory customer services, so if you have any query on your mind, hit the Q&A forum and you will receive timely responses.

Free gifts and lucky winner giveaways, free trials and weekly events! It is all real and your luck will be tested to win these big lotteries. Not to forget the USD 100 gift pack you get as a new user sign up.

Also, if you can find some deep discounted Banggood coupon code online.

Watch out for the bad side of the coin!

Remember when we told you about keeping patience with your shipment. You will need a lot of patience. According to the banggood customer reviews, the international delivery process is not so efficient and excuses like the delay at the postal office or customs office are given. The shipping is known to take as long as 4 weeks in some cases.

Pre-order at your peril as the strategy is bundled with price manipulation gimmicks. Many customer experiences paid for the order early and the product would stock out and it took months to finally get refunds.

The site may say that it snapped up but users who did not pre-order and paid more prices than your early bird discounted price could still be receiving it. So, your money would be stuck with them for weeks and nothing they say could keep up with shattered hopes.


Is it worth a try?

Definitely yes! Customers whine about slow shipping and the scam they face while pre-ordering, but that is just it. When it comes to product quality, Banggood does not disappoint us with that.

So, it is basically like if you get the jackpot (your product), you will be a part of the Banggood fandom. Stay updated about tracking information and transit time of your product and contact customer care in case of any mishap.

Be it flying drones or smart wrist bands, Banggood opens a futuristic world of never seen before electronics and unbelievable gadgets that will become the new normal tomorrow!