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Are Barefoot Shoes Only Used For Running?

One of the most recent trends in footwear includes barefoot shoes. The trend is recommended for people who either want to strengthen their feet’ muscles or prevent injuries from walking or running on pavement or concrete due to the hardness and the lack of cushion.

It can be intimidating to get started in the barefoot movement, especially when you have to imagine yourself as an ultramarathon runner who wears Huarache sandals or Vibram five fingers for hiking. Ideally, you want shoes that are comfortable for your feet, yet you don't want to hate how they look.

Despite popular belief, barefoot shoes don't just come in five-toed styles. Barefoot shoes have expanded considerably in recent years, and now you can choose from so many stylish options.

Additionally, barefoot shoes are not solely intended for running. Here are some other activities you can use barefoot shoes for:

Barefoot Shoes

Other Common Uses of Barefoot Shoes

As a result of this expansion, barefoot shoes are now designed not only for running but for a wide range of activities. People who embrace the barefoot movement are often not runners but those who wish to benefit from being grounded or barefoot. Barefoot shoes are available for daily use, for the workplace, and even for parties.


Barefoot shoes are good hiking shoes. Choosing the right type of barefoot shoe according to the hiking terrain and weather conditions is essential, but you don’t have to worry about how you’ll look. Several barefoot hiking shoes also come in stylish designs, including the Primus Trail II FG Men’s. The outsole features high-abrasion lugs with a low-profile design for added traction and durability and performs well on relatively wet surfaces as well as dry, rocky terrain.

Daily Use

The idea of using a barefoot shoe for daily activities might seem like a bad idea from the start. But those who give it a try might be surprised at the difference it can make. Those trying the barefoot movement don’t have to worry about wearing a traditional barefoot shoe. Many modern barefoot shoes are now available, including the Opanka loafer from Vivobarefoot, ideal for daily use. It’s also a great starter shoe for those who are planning to switch to barefoot-style footwear.


There is more to barefoot shoes than just running. Modern minimalist shoes can be worn in the gym or when working out. Among these is the Primus Lite from Vivobarefoot. This style has a sporty look yet is casual at the same time. Several users have paired it with gym clothes or athletic wear while working out. When worn daily, it's best paired with tapered-fit shorts or jeans.


Not all challenges can be found outdoors. It is possible to wear barefoot shoes at work regardless of what you do without sacrificing the barefoot feel. There are minimalist dress shoes made to withstand the demands of a busy work week. Lems Shoes’ Nine2Five, for example, is a dress shoe that has everything a barefoot enthusiast is looking for in a footwear for the workday. It comes in an oxford style shoe design available in black and mocha color options.


Barefoot shoes are not only for outdoor activities but for school too. Parents who advocate for the barefoot movement and their families can choose from a wide selection of shoes designed for school use. Vivobarefoot is renowned for its wide selection of barefoot shoes that can be worn to school, including the Wyn School series and the newly launched Addis.


It's almost impossible to imagine a barefoot shoe designed for parties, but barefoot shoes blogs will tell you how barefoot shoes have become trendy in the last few years. Many barefoot shoe brands, including Vivobarefoot, XeroShoes, Fugu, and many others, have a full line of styles to accommodate all ages and occasions.

Men can also enjoy the features of Merrell’s Trail Glove 6 Leather. Its upper leather material complements virtually any outfit. It is by far the most stylish glove in the series. In fact, the shoes have been praised for their impeccable finish and interesting aesthetics.


Barefoot shoes make a great choice for many different types of activities. As their versatility becomes more popular, so does the number of users switching to it. Many people started barefoot shoes blogs to share their experiences online. Referring to their reviews can help you find out which is best for your needs.

If you're looking for minimalist footwear, make sure you visit Happy Barefoot, a website that aims to provide consumers with the information they need. With Happy Barefoot's shoe finder wizard, finding the right barefoot shoe for beginners is easy. Additionally, it is possible to compare the prices of the pairs you are considering. A Facebook community group is also available to answer questions.