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Aftercare Tips for a Fresh Tattoo

Most tattooists will tell you how long you can expect to have your tattoo heal, and this usually takes about 6 weeks depending on size and the type of tattoo. 

Once the initial healing phase is complete, and especially in the months that follow, you need to ensure that you protect yourself in order to reconcile your tattoo age with you and your skin in general. 

Most artists recommend the standard method of cleaning the tattoo 2-3 times a day with scented soap and covering it with a thin layer of aftercare. 

If your tattooist advises you to do so, your recommendation to use an aftercare ointment in the morning or evening is fine. If you ask your tattooist for their specific aftercare tips, they will probably explain the basics of aftercare counseling for tattoos. 

Proper aftercare can avoid infection and make the tattoo look good. If you follow all the instructions carefully, you will not experience any side effects when your tattoo heals. 

Before the appointment, make sure that the tattooist uses antiseptics before you do any work to prevent bacteria from entering the tattoo from the skin surface. 

After 24-48 hours of the tattoo, you can remove the first dressing and wash with warm water and scented soap, then dab dry. Don’t forget to wash the tattooed area every day with antibacterial soap and warm water or dab off dry skin. 

For the first three to four days after tattooing, repeat the procedure two to five times a day, followed by a light ointment layer. 

You should apply enough oil to cover the tattooed area (make sure you do not cover the tattoo again as the skin will inhale) and soak it overnight. 

Once you apply oil, be careful not to cover the tattoo with skin-breathing fluid again. The best aftercare oils for tattoos are the ones that are oil free, so they do not clog your pores and make your new tattoo itchy.

It is advisable to look for a lotion to apply on new tattoos. The reason for that is, applying lotions and ointments can heal your tattoos faster, make the tattoo surface irritation free, and create a pleasant environment for your tattooed skin. Some products available for tattoo care contain less oily ingredients than you would find in your moisturizer or body lotion. Some formulas contain vit

amin A, vitamin E, and B5 to speed healing, as well as SPF to protect your tattooed skin against the harmful effects of the sun.

Tattoo aftercare means care and attention to using the best aftercare products for your skin. It is important that your new tattoo is kept clean and we keep the skin moist throughout the healing process. 

Do not use any kind of washcloth or loofah to clean your tattoo with your hands to remove the plasma paint from the skin. Your tattoo seems to heal quickly if you avoid swimming and sunlight until it settles in the skin, which can take several weeks after the bandage is removed.

Not only is proper tattoo care important during the first 48 hours after the ink is applied, but also during the entire healing process. 

Never use excessive tattoo creams and lotions to rewrap your bandages, as smothering your new tattoo with these products prevents your skin from breathing and slows the healing process. 

As the artist has told you, follow your aftercare instructions, make sure the tattoo is moisturized and kept clean for a good few months, and avoid abrasive skin products.  

In the first few days the recovery slows down but after one to two months, the area of your tattooed skin recovers and you can take care of the area around your thigh by applying the ointment from time to time. 

Aftercare Tips for a Fresh Tattoo