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A Few Things You Should Know to Help Whiten Your Teeth 

No one wants to have dull looking teeth, or even worse, stained teeth from years of food and drink that have taken their toll on a person's smile. It can get to the point where you no longer want to smile.

However, by not smiling, you can lose so much of the joy that life has to offer. The solution, of course, is simple. You need to whiten your teeth. There are many things you can do to achieve this. The following is a general overview. 

Eliminate foods and drinks that stain 

Perhaps you don't have to rid them from your diet, but at least try to cut back. Tea and coffee are obvious problems, but there are many foods that stain teeth. Blueberries are one example.

Consuming foods and drinks that stain now and then isn't a problem, but over time, your teeth will begin to show a build-up of stain. Any time you drink tea, coffee or other staining drink, you should brush your teeth. 

Take extra time to brush your teeth 

Most people don't spend enough time brushing their teeth, so simply taking the time to brush your teeth can help a lot. However, before you begin brushing, you should wash your mouth out well.

Make sure that rinsing your mouth eliminates as many particles of food as possible, but also that the water removes any residue from anything you drank. This allows the toothpaste to work better cleaning your teeth. 

Whitening toothpaste 

You have probably seen commercials or just seen these types of toothpaste on the shelf of your supermarket.

You may wonder if they work. The short answer is yes but with a qualifier. If you have mild stains and commit to brushing your teeth a few more times each day, they will whiten your teeth.

However, this only works for mild discolouration of your teeth. In addition, you need to follow the advice above because you will still need to watch what you are eating or drinking. 

Bleaching your teeth 

There are several products on the market that allow you to bleach your teeth. This is a step up from using a whitening toothpaste because the bleaching agent is slightly stronger than you find in a toothpaste.

Often these come in strips that you apply for a certain amount of time, and this will remove the staining on your teeth. The important thing to remember about these over-the-counter products is that they have limited effectiveness.

However, these products, combined with a whitening toothpaste, can be a good choice for those with mild stains, but toothpaste alone is not working. Always follow the directions from the manufacturer.

You also need patience. These products may or may not work for you, but they take time to show results. 

Bleaching your teeth at the dentist's office 

This is the most effective way to whiten your teeth because it is the strongest method. It is also the most expensive, which is why you may feel the need to try the methods listed above first.

However, if you have been frustrated and not seeing results, then make an appointment with a dentist that provides this service. Often it is a onetime bleaching with maybe a follow-up appointment. 

The dentists at Lasting Smiles of Highland Park talk about a tray whitening system on their website. They take an impression of your teeth to make custom trays. Then, you will use the teeth whitening gel at home over a few days to get a result of whiter smile that can be 4-8 shades lighter.

That can be quite a difference and, again, is a much stronger system than anything store-bought.

You may have been wondering how efficient dental whitening is, but it depends upon the extent of the staining and the method that is chosen to remove the stains.

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