A Closer Look at The Applications of Virtual Reality
September 24, 2018

A Closer Look at The Applications of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality(VR) is no doubt one of the hottest and most innovative technologies in this day and age. It started in video games and movies, but its use has been adopted in numerous other sectors that it’s hard to overlook its potential in the future.

In this read, we are going to discuss what VR is, its applications and drawbacks.

What is Virtual Reality?

VR is simply defined as a computer technology that gives users the ability to explore and interact with virtual or digital spaces with their bodily senses. This is done through VR headsets which are fitted around the head and eyes.

The images are then portrayed through two small lenses, effectively separating you from your current physical space.

With just a virtual reality headset, you can be able to hike Mt. Everest, visit Niagara Falls and even drive a Lamborghini without leaving your home. This is the aspect that makes VR so distinct and interesting.

It allows people to have experiences that they only dreamt of. In VR, objects seem to be far away, but in reality, they are just a few centimetres from the eye. Virtual reality tech tricks the brain to believe that there’s more space between the object and the eye.

The Many Applications of VR


One of the industries where VR is prominent is entertainment. Gaming companies have partnered with innovative companies to create VR headsets that allow users to experience the gaming world from a virtual perspective.

Gamers can interact with virtual items and transform an onscreen experience into a real-life one. The HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and the Sony PSVR are examples of headsets that accomplish exactly that. Gamers are able to immerse themselves in a video game, taking on the roles of protagonists, drivers and athletes and even HD VR porn.

However, this technology is not just limited to gaming. It is also possible to enjoy high definition and even 3D movies on these types of devices.


The education domain has not been left behind when it comes to adopting the virtual reality technology, particularly in vocational training. Most people usually have a fear of driving, so instead of training behind the wheel of an actual car, they are first introduced to VR driving to help learn the basics and wade off the anxiety.

Once a driving student completes the VR driving course, they will generally feel more comfortable and confident in handling real cars. Another major application of VR is in flight training. Beginners in this field take VR courses to master how to take off and land airplanes.

This has played a huge role in preventing flight accidents. Medical staff and doctors can ideally perform run-throughs on an array of emergency situations in a virtual reality simulated environment.


The buildings that you see on your way to work or school could ideally be as a result of virtual reality. Employing this tech in architectural engineering enables engineers to not only visualize their creations but create realistic models of the same. With VR tech engineers and architects can be able to map out whole cities even before construction begins.

The Downsides of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, no doubt seems like the best innovation by a man so far, but like everything else, it has its share of downsides. The negative health effects are by far the most notable.

Long exposure to VR headsets can lead to the development of myopia, a condition that results in nearsightedness. Not just that, but VR can make you feel dizzy, light headed and even nauseated.

Most of the people who use these headsets for an extensive period complain of eye strains and headaches. It’s advisable to take a 15-minute break after using VR devices for 30 minutes in order to avoid these side effects.

However, when used in moderation, virtual reality certainly has numerous benefits. The pros outweigh the cons by far, as long as you take breaks between every session and limit yourself to just a few hours every day.

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