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9 Reasons Why You Need to Wear a Smartwatch

Smartwatches were created to be a digital version of something as old as… well, time! First off, the traditional movement of a watch was replaced with a digital screen, then developers started packing technology into timepieces and this totally changed the landscape of what a watch could do. Now it seems the possibilities are endless. 

Essentially, a smartwatch is a small computer that lives on your wrist. They exist to make our everyday life not just easier, but better. More productive and healthier. The fact you can customise them to suit whatever mood or style you choose is an added benefit.

A smartwatch isn’t for one kind of person, either. As we’ve shown you here at SuperWatches, there’s a smartwatch for every kind of person from triathletes, to elderly people and workaholics.

Smartwatches can do so much more than the traditional watch can. For example, the more advanced health and fitness smartwatches are coming out with standard features like an ECG monitor and blood pressure watches to keep an eye on your overall health.

We decided to give you a list of the reasons why you need to wear a smartwatch. This list isn’t even exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of what you can expect from these wearable computers

1. Your Notifications - On Your Wrist

One of the first features smartwatches started to offer us was the notifications we would be getting on our phone, delivered right to our wrists instead. This has been such a revelation. We no longer need to be tied to our smartphones and it’s far more polite to flick your wrist to check a notification than it is to have your phone out.

It’s been great for productivity where you can even reply to these notifications as it’s quick and there’s less chance of you “accidentally” opening another app and getting distracted.

2. Answer Calls On The Go

Again, there’s no need to have your phone in your hand if you utilise the call function on a smartwatch. Using a microphone and speaker, you can make and take calls at times when it’s not convenient to get your phone out. Maybe you just need a quick word; all you have to do is tap, talk and hang up.

3. Smartwatches Are Good For Your Health

A smartwatch is a perfect companion for your health and fitness journey. With numerous sensors to monitor things like your heart rate, sleeping patterns, stress levels, blood oxygen levels, ECG and even some dedicated blood pressure watches. You can be in total control by having an accurate idea of what’s going on inside your body.

A smartwatch can help you set and achieve goals for exercise, rest and nutrition. We’ll look at fitness as a separate item next.

4. Track Your Fitness

Health and fitness are similar but not the same thing. Smartwatches have trackers installed to monitor your fitness as much as the internal workings of your body. For example, you can monitor your calories burned, distance walked, number of hours spent standing (or sitting). The fitness tracking elements of a smartwatch will work together with the health sensors to provide a detailed analysis of your overall health and fitness.

Some fitness-dedicated sportswatches will use this data to act as a coach, offering you some impressive information about when your body is at it’s optimal time to train or when it might be time to rest up. This gives you the best chance at reaching your fitness goals.

5. Easy Access to Music and Maps

You can stream music and keep track of where you are using both music and maps on a smartwatch. Even at the same time. Pause the music, skip a track, rewind your song one moment and then see where your next turn is coming up by simply scrolling between the two functions.

6. Smartwatches Save Your Smartphone Battery Life

Your phone has a much bigger screen with higher resolution and is generally put under a lot more strain thanks to the heavy use it gets from you as a user. Having a smartwatch paired can take the load off your phone by reducing the time you spend using the phone itself. Things like having those notifications, calls, GPS maps and music streaming on your wrist takes that burden away from your phone.

It’s also better for you, too! Less screen time!

7. Make Your SmartWatch Your Own

Smartwatches are incredibly customisable. Be it, the case or wristband, there is an infinite number of looks you can opt for thanks to the interchangeable elements. And that’s just the physical element. Considering the digital display, you can also pick what watch faces and specific complications you want on the face. Utilise the apps you love the most by adding a widget to your watch face and enjoy the convenience of instant access.

8. Never Lose Your Phone

Now, some people enjoying the freedom from their phone because they wear a smartwatch, but that means it can be easy to forget where you put it. A paired smartwatch can ping a phone so you can always find it.

9. Smart Assistant

Nowadays, smart home assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant are commonplace. You can control most of your smart assistants and appliances using voice control on your smartwatch.


Smartwatches are such a great way of keeping you productive, fit, healthy and connected. Whilst they can’t do everything a smartphone can, they’re not trying to. They’re more of an enhancement to the smartphone experience rather than a replacement. There are so many reasons why you need to wear a smartwatch and we’re here to help you find the right one for you!

9 Reasons Why You Need to Wear a Smartwatch


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