9 Off-Beat Chaats and Nashta That You Will Only Find at Haldiram's
June 03, 2024

9 Off-Beat Chaats and Nashta That You Will Only Find at Haldiram's

9 Off-Beat Chaats

You will find countless Indian restaurants serving typically Indian snacking options in great taste- but Haldiram's is a perfect poise of a brand name, justifying its authenticity since 1937 and rising above all the eateries. You heard it right! We are talking about a place that originated even before independence and is now ruling Bharat with its taste. One can never question ‘the Haldiram's when it comes to Indian food. 

The place has only evolved with time, paying tribute to the nation with its wholesome snacks and full-course meals. But, what rules the brand at its most is the chaat bazaar. Visit online, and only the images will be like a signal indicating that suddenly you are in the mood for some chaat. In fact, they go all off-beat by introducing a range totally different from others.

Here are some snack varieties that will make you drool over them. 

Yummy snacking options from Haldiram’s

Papdi Chat

This crispy finger food is here to remind you that we Indians are miraculous when it comes to food experiments. A bowl full of crispiness, wholesomeness, and some bits of healthiness, papdi chat is one of the unexpected innovations done with some small, crispy fried flour crackers.

Here, Haldiram makes its noble contribution to this Indian delicacy with a burst of tangy ingredients. A bowl full of flour crackers, boiled potatoes, chickpeas, yoghurt, tamarind, sev noodles, and, lastly, the tinges of Indian spices blast numerous flavours in every bite. 

Aloo Tikki With Choley Chaat

Crossing from the streets of Delhi in an auto rickshaw and suddenly smelling chaat getting fried somewhere? Well, just the thought is enough to flip your mood to have some. So, Haldiram has made a strong effort to introduce local street foods into the house of people. Just head online and order yours. What you get is a box offering crispy fried mashed potato patties, spicy chickpea mixture, garnished with coriander leaves, chaat masala, chutney, and dahi. One serving of this dish is enough to take you on a helluva ride to the streets of Delhi. 

Raj Kachori

Although it is a kachori, it owns all the ingredients of chaat, served in the most unique way it can. This Raj Kachori is brought straight from the heavens of India, served in a vast round shaped pastry. Well, your first reaction to seeing this kachori will be Whaaaaa! How can something be so big? 

This crispy bombshell is a surprise ball with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, and tangy spices brought all together into this one big pastry. It not just bursts in the plate, but it also explodes flavours in your mouth. 

Bhalla Papdi

Indulge in the successful manoeuvre of Haldiram's bhalla papdi. This chaat’s exotic taste will awaken your senses with a tempting burst of creamy yoghurt, tamarind chutney, cumins, chaat masala, red chilli powder, and lastly, the sev noodles. All of it on a bowl full of fried aloo chips.

Aloo Tikki With Dahi

You do not need reasons to celebrate aloo tikki with dahi. This Indian snack itself is a moment of celebration for how amazingly it delivers every little ingredient to the fullest. Here, aloo tikki acting as a key ingredient, is a flat ball of mashed potatoes, deep fried to bring a crispy texture outside and a tender flavour inside. It is further topped with all the creamy toppings of chaat, completed with sprinkles of coriander leaves on it. Feel every bite of pleasure with this Indian delicacy. 


Waking up on a Sunday morning and your doorbell rings with a warm plate of kachoris delivered to your door. Haldiram's is surprising India with their warm, tangy, and delectable kachoris throughout the nations. Make your mornings merrier with this. 

Paneer Pakoda 

Mild, tasty, and the one liked by all, paneer pakoda is a rich Indian breakfast made with all basic ingredients and lots and lots of paneer. However, Haldiram do not forget to add their royal culinary touch with some spice secrets that only they know. What we know is paneer pakoda is the perfect start to the weekend plan. Kickstart your morning with hot masala chai and these pakodas. 


Infused with the Indian touch and lots of typical Indian spices dumbed in mashed potatoes, this warm potato filling coming out of the crispy refined flour coating makes a samosa complete and one-of-a-kind. Not just the natives, but even the tourists love to spend their time with a warm plate of samosas with yoghurt and green chutney poured beautifully on it. This local breakfast at Haldiram's is not just known nationally but globally. 

Khasta Kachori with Aloo Sabji

For those looking for a comfortable breakfast before starting a long day, khasta kachori with aloo sabji is a breakthrough. Everyone is lured by the balance between the crunchy kachori and the tender potatoes. Although there are long lines outside Haldiram's just to have one plate, you can still get advanced by placing your order online. 

Vegetable Uttapam

South Indians have privileged the nation with introducing a menu full of lip-smacking yet healthy morning meals. Uttapam is one such example of the same. Made on a fluffy pancake like base from rice flour, uttapam is a treat full of finely chopped vegetables. Enjoy it with the warm and special sambhar introduced by Haldiram.

Bottom Line 

If you are looking for a breakfast loaded with Indianness and flavours, then Haldiram's is where you have to be. In fact, the one-of-a-kind chaats are a must-try here. To order, you can visit Swiggy online, the online platform that saves you from long lines and offers you warm breakfasts right at your home. Visit online and place your order straight away. 

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