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9 Interesting Facts About Vikings

Most of us already knew about Vikings but some of us didn’t have any clue until these Vikings TV shows and movies have been made. After the huge success of these shows, people are taking more interest in their lives and buying Viking inspired stuff, the Vikings are trending search on Google.  

Vikings are Scanidivain people, but not all Scandinavians are Vikings who were great sailors, craftsmen, farmers, landlords, and travelers. They build ships and sailed across America and the Middle East and fought many battles to take over villages and countries.

Vikings were never like some brutal fierce human beings, instead, they were sophisticated people with a rich history, art, and culture. They are so many things you might not know about Vikings, here are some interesting facts about their history:

  • Belief And Faith:

Vikings believed in so many Gods and Goddesses. Each of them had their unique abilities and powers. Such as Frey was God of fertility, Loki was God of Mischief, Thor was God of thunder, Odin was God of wisdom, etc. The most powerful and famous God of Vikings were Odin, Thor (Son of Odin) and Frey. But their faith ended with most of the Vikings turning into Christians.

  • Origin Of Word, Viking:

Did you know that Scandinavians never called themselves Vikings? It is the name we have given to them. Viking is derived from Vikigngar, which means Pirates. They had many names, such as Irish people called them Dubgail, Germans called them Ascomanni and in Arab countries, they have been called Rus.

  • Jewelry:

Vikings men and women both were fond of jewelry. They crafted their own jewelry with gold, silver, copper, glass, stones and even animal bones. They crafted symbols on their jewelry since they believed the symbols have magic so they will be blessed by their Gods. Every symbol Of Viking culture has deep and profound meaning. They might have extinct but their jewelry has been found and craftsmen have crafted the same replicas of their jewelry. Visit Viking Shop and take a look at their fascinating ornaments. Vikings rings, pendants, necklaces and everything else have been replicated.

  • Hygiene:

When we hear word Vikings, the picture that drew in our minds is giant type people with long hairs and beards wearing weird clothes with swords in their hands always ready to fight. We are proved wrong by Historians because evidence shows they were well-groomed people who had good hygiene and knew how to carry a style. Even the grooming tools of the Viking era have been found too.

  • Drinking Horns:

Drinking in horns might sound weird but not anymore because people are even buying drinking horns these days. If you want to see a drinking horn, check out Viking stores. Drinking horns are also mentioned by Beowulf and Poetic Edda.

  • Rights Of Women:

Vikings may have been brutal by nature, but their women had their basic rights. They were able to inherit their property, and even file for a divorce at times when most of the people didn’t know about divorce or women have never been given their basic rights.

  • Children:

No matter how modern they were or how fascinating their lifestyle was? Vikings were cruel by nature. Whenever a sick child was born they abandoned him by throwing him into the sea or leaving him alone in the forest.

No Helmets:

We always thought all Vikings men wore helmets. But it is wrong, helmets were not so common as we thought they were, and the interesting fact is that only one helmet has been found.

Long Ships:

We are all aware of the fact that Vikings were travelers. But did you know they build their own boats and they did a great job? Ships were very important for Vikings and it was a great honor to own a ship.

Some of them buried their boats to use in the afterlife. Wealthy people were buried in their boats. They decorate it, lay down the body and sail the boat into the sea and then set it on fire. You can see the whole burial process in Thor’s movie.

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9 Interesting Facts About Vikings