Eyebrow Trends
October 04, 2022

9 Eyebrow Trends Taking Over This Fall

Eyebrow Trends

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Whoever said that “the eyes are the windows to the soul” clearly wasn’t thinking about the eyebrows.

P.S. No hate for the philosopher.

Believe it or not, eyebrows are everything. Why? Because the eyebrows have the power to shape your overall look.

However, the days of plucking the life out of your eyebrows are over. There are many other ways (natural or cosmetic) to flaunt your eyebrows – from thin, crisp, thick, and bushy. What’s more, you can even dye or bleach them. How fun!

We wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to get in on the “brow hype” this fall. But where should you begin? Don’t worry; we have a few ideas that might entice you.

So without any further ado, here are all the major eyebrow trends taking over this fall:

Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow embroidery is a new fashionable procedure that promises fuller brows for anyone endowed with barely-there brows. Although it is essentially a form of tattooing, the way the pigment is implanted beneath the skin’s surface with tiny disposable needles gives the effect of hair strokes. Numerous celebrities, including Angeline Jolie, Rihanna, and Adele, have adopted this trend.

The best thing about this brow trend is that it is for everyone. Even men can jump in on this and get fuller and sexier eyebrows. So when trying your luck with eyebrow embroidery men can easily find a clinic specializing in tattooing and correcting other brow-related imperfections.

Brow Lamination

The brow lamination trend is another well-liked brow fashion for this fall. This treatment allows you to get perfectly positioned and brushed-up eyebrows for months. The procedure is simple as well. It involves rebuilding your brows and then shaping them into the preferred shape with a fixing tool that straightens the curls and offers symmetry. The brushed-up brow shape can also help close the gaps and create the illusion of fuller-looking brows. If you need more convincing, the trend has high-profile endorsers like Dua Lipa and Gigi Hadid.

Colored Eyebrows

If you’re a fan of color, you’re going to love this trend.

Take advantage of the colored brow trend and get crazy with your brows. This trend, which made its debut during Paris Fall Fashion Week, is for individuals willing to be imaginative and explore a little. The colored brow may be the most acceptable option if you feel bleached brows go a bit far. Grab your preferred mascara color and create a work of art with your brows (without the hassle). If colorful mascara isn’t a staple in your makeup collection, consider colored pigments or even intensely colored eyeliner to get the same effect.

The Natural Brow

Many people’s grooming routines and habits have changed due to the pandemic, including their attention shifting from frequently visiting the salon for services to more at-home shortcuts. In short, the past two years have encouraged many people to embrace their natural appearance, and the unmade-up brow look suits various face types and makeup looks. So the next time you go out, give your brows a little more definition with your beloved brow liner if you want to upgrade this look at home easily.

The Brow Bling

This eyebrow trend wouldn’t be a surprise if you watched HBO’s Euphoria this year like everyone else. From encrusting your brows with glitter, pearls, or diamonds to complementing them with strategically placed accents, this eyebrow style is everywhere, particularly on TikTok. So if you’re ready to get artsy with your pearls and shades, don’t miss out on this trend!

Bleachy Brows

The hype around bleached brows picked up after Kendall Jenner introduced them at the Met Gala earlier this year. This eyebrow trend helps to lift the eyebrows and add a fierce touch to your overall appearance. Moreover, this form of eyebrow styling is often utilized in the brow business to match a client’s brows to their hair color or provide a lighter color.

Feathery Brows

We have all been obsessed with the far more low-maintenance natural shape, a long, blocky brow. The feathered brow pertains to a light style that, you guessed it, imitates the thin feathery strokes of a bird. The desired brow shape shouldn’t stray too far from your natural brow. Using a spoolie, brush your brow hairs upwards, starting from the inner corner and flicking them out diagonally once you hit the arch. Use a tinted brow gel to hold them in place and fill in any gaps with color while maintaining a breezy, floating look.

The 90’s Thin Brows

Did we mention that this year is the return of the 1990s? The narrow brow is making a comeback this fall because its inspiration can be seen in everything from makeup to fashion and style to music and hair. There are some exceptions, however; this time, we’re doing pencil-thin brows, which don’t always need to be thin to seem young. So if you’re brave enough to try this look on your face, do your plucking and then fill out the desired spaces to create that slender 90s look.

Fluffy brows

No, these are not the same as feathery brows. Instead, fluffy brows combine bold, more prominent, and natural-looking brows. Celebrities and influencers alike have elevated the brow trend. And the “how to” is quite simple.

Fill up any gaps first. Next, begin to ruffle your brows. You can swiftly shape and tame your brows with a good brow gel without leaving stiff or clumsy hair behind. Apply the gel much like you would mascara, beginning at the brow’s base and upward until you are satisfied with the form. If you want your brows to look more natural, choose clear gel; if you want them to stand out more, choose colored gel. In either case, your brows will be delicate, supple, and oh-so-bold.


That’s it! These were a few of the most awesome eyebrow trends this fall. Even though they are only brows, they serve to frame our most notable characteristic, the eyes. They play a role in how we express our emotions and convey astonishment. Therefore, they deserve to be treated with all the glitz and glamour in the world. So what are you holding back for? Do your part by trying any of these eyebrow trends that you think will look good on your face.