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9 Bad Habits That Are Hurting Your Eyesight

Vision problems are becoming more common these days. Though you cannot prevent all vision problems as many of them are inherited. But there are some things worth paying attention to. We will tell you why severe dry eyes appear after a working day and how to care for contact lenses properly.

Hurting Your Eyesight

Habits That May Lead To Poor Eyesight

Here are some habits that may damage your eye’s health.

  • Not Wearing Sunglasses

You need to wear glasses in sunny weather not just for fashion but also for your convenience. Ultraviolet radiation can damage the retina and cause temporary but severe burns to the surface of the eyes. Therefore, you need to put on glasses every time you go outside.

Even if it seems that you can easily do without them, if you wear contact lenses, try to get a UV-resistant model to help protect your eyes even better. And never look at the sun directly; this will cause permanent damage to your eyes. 

Reflected light, as well as artificial lighting, are especially dangerous. Being in a solarium is undesirable in general and much more dangerous than under the scorching sun. The effect of ultraviolet rays is even stronger there. Thus, attempting to tan can lead to skin cancer, premature aging, burns, and eye irritation.

  • Using Contact Lenses Incorrectly

It is convenient to wear lenses as you do not need to adjust your glasses all the time. But in fact, wearing lenses in itself increases the risk of infection in the eye. And if you do not follow the rules and instructions, this risk will increase several times. After a long-wearing experience, it may seem like nothing bad will happen. 

But they are, of course, not designed to be reused, and by doing so, you increase the risk of infection. Staying in lenses longer than necessary, changing them with other people, and sleeping in them is also harmful. This is usually the reason for infections that get into the eyes and impair vision.

  • Rubbing Eyes More Often

We know how relaxing it is and how sometimes you want to rub your eyes for a long time. But this is how dirt and bacteria that cause conjunctivitis enter into them. It also damages the cornea and causes keratoconus, a condition in which the cornea becomes thinner and tapered. 

Rubbing the eyes only drives the speck even further and makes it difficult to remove. There is another way to get rid of the clutter in the eye. Try to blink frequently so that the tears wash away the speck, or use drops to rinse out the eye.

  • Not Throwing Away Expired Cosmetics

Throwing away your favorite mascara in time, even if there is still a lot of it, is simply necessary. Expired cosmetics can irritate contact lenses or cause an eye infection. So eye products do not need to be stored for more than nine months.

If the mascara has already hardened, this is definitely a reason to throw it away as soon as possible. Thus, do not dilute it with water for another three months. Otherwise, you will only launch more bacteria into your eyes.

  • Smoking And Drinking Alcohol

Smoking is one of the major causes of cataracts and other age-related changes associated with vision, such as macular degeneration. This disease occurs when a small point on the retina gets damaged, which is responsible for clear central vision. 

When its condition worsens, a person’s vision in general deteriorates. This is the main cause of vision loss at the age of 50 or more, and smoking doubles the chances of such a disease. The same thing happens with excessive consumption of alcohol. 

Drinking alcohol makes the eye dry and also causes other health problems. The good news is that a person can avoid such a situation by taking help from a specialist timely. You can get insurance-covered treatment for sobering up and improving your vision.

  • Spending A Lot Of Time In Front Of Gadgets

If you work at the computer all the time and are distracted only by the phone, then it’s unhealthy for your eyes. You may probably notice how your eyes get tired during the day, and your vision decreases. The fact is that when we read text on the screens of computers and smartphones, we blink less often.

Because of this, less tear fluid is released, and without it, dryness and fatigue of the eyes appear. It causes visual impairment. These sensations can last for several hours and often lead to headaches.

  • Rarely Getting Your Vision Checked

It is advisable to go for a diagnosis every two years to keep your vision under your control. It can show you whether you need to wear glasses for the first time or exchange old ones for others. Children who wear glasses, people with diabetes, and people over 70 should visit a doctor more often (about once a year).

It is unlikely that you will be prescribed treatment without serious indications. But at the same time, it is the diagnosis that can reveal diseases that you yourself discover too late.

  • Relying On Eye Drops 

Eye drops can help you look after your eyes after a sleepless night. But using them too often hurts your eyesight and causes a reverse reaction, even more redness. Try to sleep more; this is the most reliable remedy for redness.

The two most common causes of severe but painless eye redness are conjunctivitis and ruptured blood vessels. And this usually clears up in one to two weeks. If the eyes also hurt and the redness persists, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Take Away

Like the rest of the body, eyes also need special care. If you don’t, vision starts to deteriorate at an early age. Thus, avoid the habits mentioned in this article for keeping your eyes healthy.

9 Bad Habits That Are Hurting Your Eyesight