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8 Gift Ideas for Boys

Gift-shopping for young boys can be both challenging and fun. There are multiple considerations you might make -- you may try to avoid buying them something they already have, look for a gift that has an educational component, or perhaps search for a present that fits perfectly with their interests. With those thoughts in mind, here are eight gift ideas that almost any boy would be happy to receive for your next gift-buying occasion.

1. Comics

Children and adults of all ages love stories, and comic books offer exciting, action-packed plots that are easy to follow. No matter his interests, comic books cover so many different genres and styles, like superheroes, mysteries, and science fiction. An additional plus is that so many comic books are released every year that it will be hard to buy him one that he already has. Look for the best place to buy comics online and buy some comic books collectibles. If you know a boy who likes to draw, you can even get him a blank comic book so that he can draw his own characters.

2. Dungeons and Dragons

Over the many years since it was published, Dungeons and Dragons has remained a favorite activity for boys across all age groups. This fantasy tabletop role-playing game will be a great way for him to collaborate with his friends to fight enemies, weave elaborate stories, and gain experience in team-building. There are multiple ways to play the game -- for the most enthusiastic fans, that might mean buying and even hand-crafting miniature figurines to represent characters and combatants. A beginner D&D board game will be a great place to start for a boy who is less experienced.

3. LEGO Sets

One gift that has persisted in popularity throughout decades is the Lego set. These toys are so versatile that boys might feel they could never have enough -- each piece can be used to make multiple different structures, or play out a series of pretend scenarios. Lego sells everything from their signature building bricks to small figurines to craft kits that will help your child build miniature moving machines. The best part? You can customize the gift to their specific interests, whether that be Harry Potter or Ninjago.

4. Kinetic Sand

Even adults are captivated by kinetic sand. These sand kits come in a variety of fun colors with different molds, so that your child can form it into food, dinosaurs, or beach-themed shapes -- just like they would at the beach. The sand has a satisfying, almost-wet texture that will keep your child entertained as they let it run through their fingers.

5. Puzzles

Puzzles are a great way to keep kids busy and boost their concentration and memory. Jigsaw puzzles come in so many different art styles and themes -- Mudpuppy Puzzels even make glow-in-the-dark puzzles, which add an exciting twist to a regular jigsaw set. That’s a gift that your child will almost certainly want to begin playing with as soon as they’ve unwrapped it.

6. Art Set

Art sets are a perfect gift for a beginning artist who wants to refine their skills in painting, sketching, or collaging. Creative outlets are important for kids to hone their imagination and problem-solving abilities. Worried that all of the options might overwhelm your child? Find a set that includes a coloring book -- that way, they can start with something simple and slowly develop their skill as they feel more comfortable with the tools.

7. Skateboard

For an older boy, skateboarding is not only a good workout -- it’s also a noncompetitive activity that can be done with other kids or independently. Skateboarding continues to be a popular pastime for kids, and skateboards are maybe more customizable than they’ve ever been, with unique options like LED wheels, retro styles, and skateboards made from bamboo. A great additional gift would be kneepads or -- most importantly -- a helmet.

8. Coding or Programming Game

There is an abundance of free resources available now to teach programming and coding to kids as young as seven years old, and as technology and computers become more and more important to daily life, a coding game could be an invaluable gift to a young child. There are even games that teach coding concepts using Minecraft or other kid-friendly themes.        

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8 Gift Ideas for Boys