8 Engagement Ring Trends That Will Stand The Test of Time
June 27, 2019

8 Engagement Ring Trends That Will Stand The Test of Time

Engagement rings are meant to be perfect. Discover 5 timeless engagement ring trends to get the ring you will treasure long after your wedding day.

It’s the most exciting moment of the year when the engagement season arrives. You’ve probably stacked your gallery full of pictures of engagement ring trends, wondering which one will stand the test of time. Read on to get inspired!
The engagement ring is a beautiful way of showing affection to your partner. Because it's a symbol of eternal love, you wouldn't want it to be a fad or a passing fashion statement. Besides, your partner will wear the ring every day.
The following are engagement ring trends to consider;

1. Solitaire Setting

This engagement ring consists of one focal stone. This gives it an elegant and stylish appearance fit for a classic bride.

There are options if you need a minimalist design. The jewelry designer can exchange the band with a thinner one.

2. Engagement Eternity Bands

You can opt for engagement eternity bands, besides a single stone ring. More people are rocking multiple stone engagement rings, and the trend keeps on getting stronger.

A popular style of this engagement ring is alternating baguettes and trillions. This is the perfect choice if you don’t like the height of the solitaire engagement ring.

3. Colored Stones

Colored stones have been popular since Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring. Prince Harry gave the same ring to Kate Middleton on their engagement years later. It goes to show how timeless colored stones are.

Colored stones are available in blue hues, black diamonds, bright green shades and rose gold, among other brilliant pops of color.

4. Engagement Ring Trends: Vintage Inspired

Popular jewelry designers are bringing back ancient designs and making them trend again. Some designers specialize in vintage-inspired pieces. Check out this particular piece by Heidi Gibson named "The Great Gatsby."

5. Oval-cut Diamonds

Oval-cut diamonds is the best choice after emerald and round shapes. Oval-cut diamonds come in different shapes so you can have more options. You can choose between an elongated oval or a rounded shape.

The recommended length to width ratio is between 1.4 and 1.6. Be careful to choose a ring with a reduced bowtie effect. To check out emerald cut diamonds, please visit the website.

6. Mixed Metals

This style of rings was a popular trend with every day stacks. It's also becoming trendier with engagement rings.

You can use white platinum for a diamond setting to bring out the yellow gold color better. The colorful accents of the mixed metals give the engagement ring a subtle, timeless glamor.

7. Rose Gold

Rose gold engagement rings are among the most popular designs. You can opt for a different take to customize the setting.
You can use platinum for the center-stone holder. Then have the remaining part in colored metal.

8. Custom

Custom rings are usually the most creative pieces. Jewelry designers have soaring creativity when it comes to designing custom engagement rings.

More and more couples lean towards custom engagement rings. This is because they would enjoy unique designs made for them only. Sometimes, the jewelry designer can allow you to be part of the design process.


Remember to shop around for the quotations of the engagement ring trends you love most!

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