7 Top Anniversary Gifts For Women
May 15, 2021

7 Top Anniversary Gifts For Women

Another year has come and gone. Anniversaries mark the beginning of another year of marriage and harmony for couples. So you’ll want to make this wonderful day even more memorable for your lovely wife. This list covers seven top wedding anniversary presents for any loving lady.

If you are unsure about your options, we have you covered! We've curated a list of the top 7 anniversary gifts to assist you in selecting the ideal present for your wife.


Almost every woman owns a watch. This is a brilliant idea for your wife if she loves gadgets that are helpful to everyday life, health and fitness. There are several options and models to choose from at different price points when it comes to smartwatches. 

If you have a set budget or a specific design in mind, that’s a good place to start. Smartwatches are available in various styles and colours with all sorts of features and functions. Ultimately, the final choice is entirely up to you. They range from the expensive (around $500) to budget options under $100 (though don’t be fooled, these cost-effective options still pack a punch).


Nothing makes a woman happier than something that fits and looks just right. It may be a scarf with printed motifs or a luxurious pair of silk pyjamas. Or, have you seen those leggings that are trending online at the moment? You should not be limited by what you wear. Maybe be daring and pick something she doesn’t often wear and see her face when she opens her surprise!

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The options are limitless when it comes to gadgets. An anniversary is a fantastic opportunity to get her a tablet. She can use her favourite smartphone features apps and websites in a bigger and more user-friendly format. Don’t forget accessories - like a battery bank or pair of wireless headphones. Of course, this is for someone with a big budget.

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Books for the Bookworm

If she loves reading and you're worried about her library overflowing into the living room, get her a Kindle. There are some choices. If you like travelling, it can be a convenient way to carry your book world with you everywhere you go (especially now that some Kindle versions are waterproof).

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Most women follow a skincare routine. To pamper her lovely face, you can always get her something from her favourite skincare collection. In terms of makeup, most shops will help you put together a gift basket with various of your wife's skincare products. Or, let your wife do her own shopping online so she can personalise her choices and simply foot the bill at the end!

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Make something together with a kit

Has your wife ever shown a desire for the two of you to learn how to cook Japanese food on weekends? A kit that contains everything you need to make something can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. The most important thing is doing it together. You could show each other how to make pasta from scratch or try pottery. Such moments generate beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

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Plants and Seeds

Why not source a sapling or seeds that she can enjoy for months as she nurtures into life?  There are over 1000 different houseplants, and you can select one depending on how much time you have to devote to them. Gardening on weekends can be a perfect way to spend more time with your wife. Extra points for you! You can also make a ready-made greenhouse as a present or grow herbs inside that you can enjoy in drinks or meals later on!

Hopefully, that’s given you some ideas to get something truly thoughtful for your loving wife to celebrate your anniversary together.

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