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7 Tips To Create An Eco-Friendly Workplace

7 Tips To Create An Eco-Friendly Workplace

Let’s be real, it is so easy to get caught up in our busy lives and opt for easy and convenient options without realising the true damaging effects they have on the earth.

The concern about the massive carbon footprint we’ve created is growing, and as we have become more aware of this reality, we have started to implement global changes, such as banning single-use plastic bags and straws. With millions of people making these changes, we can collectively contribute to improving the earth.

Many of us are becoming more environmentally conscious and adapting our lifestyles at home, but what about in the office? Considering we spend a large chunk of our week at work, making changes to create an eco-friendly workplace should be something that every office considers.

There are so many opportunities in an office to create a greener workplace environment. Most are simple to implement, and can save you money in the long run! Providing eco-friendly coffee and food

It is rare to find an office without workers buzzing around from coffee. Coffee would arguably be the most consumed beverage in an office space – possibly even more than water. You can opt-out your traditional Nespresso coffee pods for some biodegradable coffee pods, which are much more environmentally friendly.

A great alternative is Urban Brew coffee pods, which are both recyclable and biodegradable, only taking around 2 years to breakdown in a landfill compared to traditional coffee pods that take around 500 years!

Another suggestion is providing your office with a selection of fresh fruit to encourage healthier eating options, which is also better for the environment. Even more, the natural benefits of fruit can boost mood and energy, making for a happier workplace! If you're looking to invest in good Coffe machine to brew great-tasting coffee, check out Flatwhitecafe.com 

Bring nature indoors with desk plants

Plants are not only lush and improve the look and vibe of an office space, but they actually promote better air quality by absorbing toxins and pollutants through the pores on their leaves.

The air quality inside an office space is said to have 2 to 5 times more pollutants than outdoor levels, so there is definitely room for improvement in every office. By introducing some indoor plants into the office, you can easily amplify the mood and atmosphere.

If you’re wondering what the best plants are to introduce into an office space, the air plant, snake plant and devils ivy are the most commonly used, but there are plenty more that you can find!

Power down those unused appliances

It is easy to leave appliances running all the time for convenience, but even the smallest appliances like microwaves and kettles consume so much electricity while they’re sitting there doing nothing.

Start being more conscious and make it a habit to turn off and unplug any unused appliances. You’ll be amazed to see how much you’ll save on your electricity bill as well!

Provide real kitchen utensils

Plastic disposable utensils such as plastic cutlery, plastic plates and single use cups have a large contribution to a number of environmental issues due to their non-biodegradable properties.

If your office space is provided with real kitchen utensils, everyone will be more inclined to ditch the plastic disposable versions. Reusable options also have a much longer durability, so you’ll be saving money in the long run while decreasing the amount of plastic that goes into landfill!

Go paperless – or at least use recycled paper

It’s not unusual for the printer to be constantly running in an office space on a daily basis. If you switch to recycled printing paper, you’ll be doing your part for the environment and won’t have to compromise quality.

If you’re able to go one step further, you can adapt a paperless office system. Majority of tasks that were once done on paper are now easily done online, which can save time and costs while also benefiting the environment.

Going solar

Solar panels are becoming more and more common in households to help the environment and save on electricity costs, so why not adopt this into an office space?

By switching to solar panels, you are creating clean, affordable and renewable energy from the sun which reduces our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. This means a happier environment, happier workplace and happier workers.

Let there be light

It is said that working near sunlit windows increasing productivity levels in office workers. This is because natural light sets the body’s circadian rhythms, which controls awakening, falling asleep and synthesizing vitamin D. Office spaces should be relying more on natural light when possible to reduce the amount of electricity used in lighting.

Replacing all lighting fixtures with LEDs and incorporating sensors will also reduce electricity consumption and cut costs, and more importantly, have a better impact on the environment.

Now it’s over to you! Take a look around your office space the next time you’re at work and have a think about what can be improved to create an eco-friendly workplace environment. You will be amazed at how many little improvements can be made and contribute to a much bigger picture.