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7 Self Care Tips That Are Absolutely Life Changing

The wonderful world of well-being is only growing. Every day we are getting to discover how important self care is and all the ways in which we can do it.

Self-care is more than just a massage or a yummy glass of wine. While pampering is an important component, it is certainly not limited to that. We aren’t saying you have to ditch the bubble baths and glass of red wine. But we are saying that you can hop on to adding some of the additional top tips that are proven to enhance your well-being even more. 

When it comes to self-care, it is something that you want to think about holistically. This means that you will want to look to enhance every aspect of your life, from your career to your relationships and your fitness.

It can even be as simple as wearing compression socks at home when you are relaxing.

To help you on the path of enhanced self-care, we have rounded up all the top tips that are absolutely life-changing and will let you feel like the best version of yourself.

1. Go for a Walk in Nature

The Japanese call them nature naps, but going for a walk or simply being immersed in nature is so healing for the mind, body, and soul. Not only will you get access to fresh air, but you will be able to disconnect from distractions and focus on the present. Simply going for a quick walk in nature is proven to relax your brain, rejuvenate your energy and help you work through any challenging emotions that you are dealing with. It is one of the best free ways to help you deal with stress as well.

2. Stretch Every Day

Most of us put off stretching because it is not the most invigorating thing to do. However, stretching for just ten minutes a day can make a huge difference. Not only will it help prevent injury, but also help your body feel relaxed too. Some studies have found that stretching before bed can help you go to sleep easier too. You can always find ten minutes of your day to give your body some true self-love.

3. Get Immersed in a Book

We are always rushed and on the go. So when is the last time you have truly taken the time to get lost in a really good book? In fact, studies show that reading a book is a great way to reduce any mental stress you are feeling and also helps unwind from the build-up of the day. If you are someone who struggles with getting enough sleep, then reading a book before bed may be the perfect trick or you.

4. Wear Compression Socks

Another amazing way to enhance your physical well-being is to wear compression socks. Designed to enhance your blood circulation, compression socks can help reduce your risk of inflammation—which ultimately helps prevent a lot of bad things from happening to you. They are also great for helping your body recover if you are feeling particularly sore from working out. Wearing compression socks is easy, so it should be an absolute must in your self-care routine.

5. Go Dancing

Sometimes all we need to do to feel better is bust a move. Dancing not only releases a ton of endorphins, but it lets you have fun. And having fun is a key component to self-care. Whether you just break out dancing at home on your own or go to a club to dance with lots of other people, busting a move is proven to help with a ton of things when it comes to your well-being—from lowering feelings of anxiety to increasing your self-confidence. So dance your heart out as much as you can because it is literally good for you. 

6. Sip on Tea

There is something about tea that instantly soothes the soul. So take the time to sip away on a cup of healthy mint tea in the afternoon. It will not only help you feel calm, but drinking tea also aids with your digestion. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to cure an upset stomach. A tea a day is another great self-care trick to implement. 

7. Write a Gratitude List

A happy mind means a happy life. Sometimes we need to give ourselves positive triggers and cues to get into a positive mindset again. Writing a gratitude list is a great way to do this, because it forces us to think of the simple things in life that truly do bring us joy. Just the fact that you are alive is something to be grateful for.


Practicing self-care just got a whole lot better with these seven tips. What will you be incorporating into your wellness routine?