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7 Retail Shop Design Hacks

As an owner, you probably know that your shop’s design is one of the essential factors that determine the success of your business. Actually, people tend to enter a store that looks warm, welcoming, and sophisticated, over a store that looks dull. Therefore, you should always strive to make it look more appealing.

While it seems like a mission impossible, it’s not that complicated. What you need to know is where to start from. Are you going to start by designing your sign or choosing the right dress form mannequins for your window display?

As a matter of fact, there are ways to ensure your retail shop looks as attractive as possible. So, regardless if you are opening your first retail shop or you are a long-time owner who wants to try new design, here are the top 8 design hacks for making your retail shop catchy.

7 Retail Shop Design Hacks

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1. Make A Great Window Display

Window displays are one of the things that draws people’s attention. They are the window to your shop, presenting your business to the public. Therefore, you have to ensure your window display tells your shop’s story and that it tells it in a way that invites the passersby to enter your world.

You can do this by placing a couple of mannequins wearing some of the best clothes in your retail shop. Additionally, you can use “living walls” at your window display. In fact, you could also use them at fixed merchandising areas an on point of sale locations. It’s because these walls connect your shop with the nature, making it look more vivid, and require low or no maintenance.

2. Create A Memorable Sign

Having a great compelling sign is also important for attracting customers. It’s because signs, just like window displays tell your brand’s story. Moreover, they make you noticeable and recognizable.

Therefore, when you decide upon your sign’s design, make is simple, yet unique. And, avoid the cliché of using block letters on a beige concrete. Instead, choose the colors that represent your business. For example, if you are selling kids clothes, use vivid colors, such as green, orange, yellow and blue. Also, you can choose a playful font, such as script.

As a matter of fact, you could use a digital sign. This type of signs constantly changes, thus being attractive and interesting to watch. Plus, it tells people that you follow the latest trends which suggests that your business is valuable to you. 

3. Place A Welcome Mat

Having a welcome mat in front of your shop is a great way to draw people’s attention to your shop. Also, it lets people know you are happy to welcome them and reflects your hospitality. And, it gives a warm home-like feeling to your shop.

4. Decorate The Outside Walls

Who says that only the enterer is important? The exterior also plays a major role in attracting customers and making your shop look great. It’s because the exterior is what people see first. And, since most of us judge a book by its cover, decorating the outside walls of your shop is a must-do.

When decorating the walls, you don’t have to paint them or have something drawn over them. You can place banners from the roof to the sidewalk or on your doors with pictures of some of your items on them. The important thing is to have something on those walls.

7 Retail Shop Design Hacks

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5. Have The Right Lightning

Many people aren’t aware of the power of lightning. In fact, lights make the atmosphere and give a special feeling to a place That’s why people engage light specialists for events.

And, that is the reason why you should have the right lighting in your shop. It’s a good idea to have lights all over the shop. However, you should have them well-organized, not just placed without any plan.

6. Decorate Your Parking Lot (if there is one)

While decorating your retail shop is a great way to make it appealing, you should also consider decorating the outside areas that go with it. An example of such an area is your parking lot. It doesn’t have to be something big or too expensive.

You could only use a banner or a light pole sign with an interesting phrase. If, for example, Christmas is coming, you could have Santa pointing out to your shop and “Grabbing presents” at the bottom. Don’t forget to include your logo. 

7. Have Mirrors Around Your Shop

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Believe it or not, there’s a truth in this famous question. It’s because we all want to be beautiful and look as good as possible. Plus, they show us how clothes look on us and that is the essential thing when choosing an outfit. Therefore, you should have a couple of mirrors around the store, plus inside the changing rooms.

Your retail shop’s design tells a lot about your dedication to your business. It also tells people that you always try to make something new to impress them. In fact, your effort and constant investment in your business show that it’s worth visiting.