7 Reasons Why You Should Shop Online with a Credit Card Number Only
July 10, 2019

7 Reasons Why You Should Shop Online with a Credit Card Number Only

If you are shopping online, you should be using a credit card only instead of a debit card. Click here to learn why you should shop online with a credit card.

Credit cards accounted for 23% of global e-commerce payments in 2018. With this huge number, there is every reason why you should shop online with a credit card number only. For online shoppers, this is perhaps the most ideal option to consider.

Credit cards have limits of how much you can spend. For individuals with good credit ratings, the limits are higher than those without excellent credit scores. Regardless of how much you have to spend, shopping with a credit card has lots of benefits. The average credit score for 2022 across America is 716.

Below are reasons why you shop online with a credit card number only. Read on!

1. Credit Cards Earn Reward Points

You get absolutely nothing when shopping with a debit card. However, for the credit card, reward points are a rare exception and a common perk. After purchasing with a credit card, you earn points that you can buy to do various things.

These points work on a point system, and you can earn up to 5 points per every dollar spent. After reaching a set threshold, you can redeem your points. With these points, you can get gift cards or purchase directly from selected stores.

Another good thing with bonus points is that they can double or even tipple during special promo periods. The reward options are almost endless, and you can get the most out of them. The trick is to find the credit card that fits your spending patterns, and you will be good to go.

2. Sign-up Bonuses and Cash Backs

Have you ever thought of a welcome-aboard perk? Applicants with remarkable credit scores can get reward bonuses of up to $250 or even more. Some credit card providers like Citi Simplicity welcome newcomers with bestowing massive bonus points that can be redeemed to buy any stuff.

Debit cards, on the other side, don’t offer any bonuses or rewards. This is a win for credit cards that every online shopper can consider. The cashback terms depend on the credit card provider. 

The cash back option is another reason why you should shop online with a credit card number only. Many cards give 1% refund for your money spend. Others can offer between 2% and 6% on selected purchases.

3. Credit Cards are Very Secure

Shopping with a credit card is more straightforward, and you can avoid instances of fraud. When the credit card is used fraudulently, you can notify the credit card issuer to withhold the transaction. You do all this without running out of any money.

For the debit card, it’s the other way round. You lose money anytime a fraudulent payment is made with your card. It takes a considerable amount for the transaction reversal.

You may lose all your money if you don’t act swiftly. To avoid losses and inconveniences, stick to using a credit card when doing online shopping. 

Besides, credit cards make refunds easier and offer a layer of protection. They offer a sort or zero-fraud liability. If someone makes online purchases with the credit card, you don’t incur any liability provided you report early enough. 

4. Credit Card Keep Vendors Honest

A credit card is some bad news to dishonest vendors. There are many online vendors with the tendency of supplying faulty products or offering poor services. You might end up losing lots of money when dealing with such merchants.

If you have a problem with the products purchased, you can contact the card issuer to withhold payments. This will allow swift disputes, unlike when payment is made instantly with debit cards. Some disputes may take many months before getting resolved.

With a credit card, the loss is usually on the dishonest vendor. Every time someone tries something fishy, it backfires badly on them. The cardholders have control over all payments and can exercise control.

With a credit card, it is easier to dispute charges. The card issuer helps you of investigation details in case of disputes. The merchant will act swiftly in this case that when payment is made beforehand.

5. Buying With A Credit Card Builds Your Credit Ratings

It is crucial to have a good credit score. There can get to a time when you are desperate for credit. Unlike a debit card, shopping with a credit card helps build your score. 

As long as you use your credit card responsibly, you will be on the better side. The credit card company reports your payments activities to credit bureaus. The better the credit activity, the higher the score.

As for debit cards, they don’t appear anywhere near the credit reports. It, therefore, can’t help build a credit report. To grow your credit rating, you should shop online with a credit card number only.

6. Credit Cards are Universally Accepted

You may experience some difficulties while making payments with a debit. Some vendors prefer credit cards, especially those that offer services. Car rental companies and hotels may prefer credit cards to debit ones.

Without a credit card, some companies may have to put a hold on some of your money. This is because, with an instant debit payment, it may be challenging to place extra charges, particularly upon detecting damages. In this instance, the debit card won’t be convenient for the vendor.

In some foreign countries, merchants may decline payments from debit cards. Even a bank logo on the credit card doesn’t guarantee acceptance.

7. Credit Cards Have Allowance for a Grace Period

When purchasing online with a credit card number, money remains in the checking account until payment of the card bill. In case you don’t have money at that moment, you can still make a purchase and settle the bill some other time.

Besides, when using a credit card, you don’t have to watch your accounts closely.

Shop Online With a Credit Card Number Only - Final Thoughts

These are the perks of using a credit card when making payments. If you have been shopping with a debit card, it’s time to rethink. Change your shopping habits by adopting the credit card system.

There is every reason why you should shop online with a credit card number only. From earning bonuses and cash backs to securing your payments, it’s advisable to use the credit card number. In the end, you will find it more advantageous.

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