7 Main Reasons Why iPhone 14 Is Better Than the Previous
September 23, 2022

7 Main Reasons Why iPhone 14 Is Better Than the Previous

The iPhone 14 launch event introduced several intriguing, innovative features. Both the iPhone 14 and its predecessor have the same screen resolution, 5G connection, A15 Bionic CPU, and layout. The iPhones released this year have adjustable refresh rates. They have a frequency range of 1Hz to 120Hz, flat from 10Hz to 120Hz in the previous year's editions. The camera is the most notable change between the Pro and ordinary iPhone 14 devices. 

why iPhone 14

The List of 7 Main Reasons Why iPhone 14 Is Better Than Previous

While both include new features such as the Photonic Engine, which improves clarity in low-light conditions. Action Mode is also available for more balanced footage while on the go. The Pro adds a new 48MP broad lens to the mix. Furthermore, here are some compelling reasons why individuals choose it over the former.


Apple's latest iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max is available in four elegant colours, each of which is stunning in its way. You can pick from gold, space black, silver, and Deep Purple. Every iPhone 14 Pro colour is available.  Based on the illumination, this is a deep purple color that is both lively and artful. It's an obvious choice if purple is your preferred hue. When it comes to colours that go along with anything, black is hard to overlook. In this situation, Space Black seems more of a dark grey. 

This is a timeless colour that will never go out of vogue. Silver is an excellent choice for people seeking a neutral colour but preferring something livelier and less gloomy. If you want something nice and classy, gold is the way to go. The gold colour is not outrageous; it is modest and appealing.


Apple has increased the pricing of the iPhone 14 Series in comparison to the iPhone 13 Sequence in several key regions. The battery performance and capacity of each phone differ. The iPhone 14 begins at $799, although for an extra $100, acquiring the iPhone from the United States or other nations becomes a little more difficult this time around. It's because, amidst the cheaper price, the iPhone 14's functionality will vary widely depending on which area you purchase it from when converted using the most recent rate of currency exchange. Additionally, Switzerland, Australia, and the United States are among the lowest-ranked nations on the list; with the typical resident having to wait a few weeks to get their hands on the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Weight and Size

The iPhone 14's sensors include a barometer, an advanced image gyro, a high-g accelerometer, a motion detector, and dual backlight indicators. The iPhone 14 measures 146.7 mm x 7.80 mm x 71.5 mm & weighs approximately 172 g. The dimensions of the iPhone 14 Pro are 5.81 inches high, 0.31 inches thick and 2.81 inches broad.  It has a 6.1-inch OLED display with a gap on top, a peak brightness of 1200 nits, and a 2532 x 1170-pixel screen at 460 PPI. The dimensions change significantly, with the iPhone 13 having a 7.65mm depth and iPhone 14 having a 7.80mm depth.

e-SIM System

It's the first iPhone without an actual SIM card slot, instead opting for an all-embedded-sim (eSIM) system. It's odd to encounter a device without that easily recognizable panel and the pinhole leak for the special instrument used to remove the SIM plate. On the rear, the camera set remains square-ish, as it did on the iPhone 13. There are two 12-megapixel cameras, one broad and one super-duper. Since everything is the same, the most thrilling design feature of the iPhone may be Apple's delightful new purple torso color choice.

Battery Capacity

Since battery life varies depending on how people utilize their devices, the results may not be identical for everyone. According to the battery feedback on Apple's homepage, you can stream more clips, listen to a playback, and browse the internet for a longer period. This means that the battery can resist the strain of different operations, including having to play real money titles at casino sites. While playing on the smartphone, punters frequently get various rewards such as the no deposit casino bonus UK. A no-deposit incentive is a casino deal that requires no fees. All you have to do is enroll in a casino that is running a similar promotion. Thereafter, the funds or free spins will be deposited into your account. However, those bonuses may demand you to fulfil some special wagering requirements. Meeting those requirements need some time, and the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 will help you to fulfill all the requirements and withdraw your winnings.


iPhone 14 has three cameras: a 12MP wide and a 12MP ultra-wide on the rear, as well as a 12MP TrueDepth camcorder at the front.  It is stated that the main camera has been upgraded with a broader /1.5 eyepiece and massive 1.9 m pixels for improved low productivity. The 12MP wide-angle lens remains unchanged. The Camera sensor on the front, on the other hand, now facilitates image stabilization. There are several new camera configurations as well. Besides that, the Apple iPhone 14 has a viewing angle of 19.5:9, allowing you to enjoy colorful and clear graphics.

why iPhone 14


It's a simulated duplicate of the iPhone 13, but it may fall short of the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max & 14 Pro. They both have the latest Dynamic Island, a substitutable zone that contains the TrueDepth component as well as display details. The 6.1-inch iPhone 14 is a versatile piece of innovation placed between two luxurious bits of glass.

Victus might not be made of Tempered Glass. The Ceramic Guard is still present on the top screen, which will provide extra protection. The tab, recording device, and speaker grill positions remain constant from the iPhone 13. The wider power/sleep/Siri feature is on the right hand, and also the silence changeup with volume controls is on the left.

Pros and Cons of iPhone 14 

Generally, Apple’s latest products and services are about loyalty to Apple. The low-power screen backlighting on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max has been updated to support the ProMotion frame rate. This appears to be comparable to the iPhone 13 Pro concepts. Apart from the fact that the latest iPhone design has many advanced capabilities, it does have some upsides and downsides. Among the main advantages there are: 

  • Qualcomm X65 modem;
  • TrueDepth Camera Upgrade; 
  • Simplistic design;
  • Hazard detection;
  • Camera enhancements;
  • Satellite communication.

Among the main disadvantages, there are: 

  • Sticks with A15 Bionic;
  • The phone's battery drains more quickly;
  • There is still a notch.

iPhone Specifications 

iOS typically outperforms Android in terms of specifications. Given the internals of the iPhone, this seems unbelievable. iOS is designed to work flawlessly with the few smartphones produced by Apple. The table below summarizes the features of iPhone models and how they have evolved. It includes models ranging from the iPhone 12 to the most recent.


Operating System


iPhone 14                   

iOS 16

128GB - 512GB

iPhone 14 Pro                 

iOS 16

128GB - 512GB

iPhone 13    

iOS 15                                  

128GB - 512GB

iPhone 13 Pro

iOS 15.6                                 

128GB - 512GB

iPhone 12  

iOS 15

64GB - 256GB

iPhone 12 Pro

iOS 14

128GB - 512GB


The iPhone 14 is a standard bearer with an aging and styled configuration. It includes a more potent TrueDepth camera variety, crash sensors, communications systems, and other optimizations. The idea is to separate the distinction between being financially savvy and being the next big item. 

Nonetheless, the iPhone 14 comes with several improvements; including an extra GPU central part, Emergency SOS through the use of a transmitter, the Photonic Drive system, and Action Settings. Its user satisfaction emanates from a clear and simple operating analogy and all applications are initiated from the main screen.