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7 Indian Dresses That Are Preferred by Most People

7 Indian Dresses That Are Preferred by Most People

Other than the food, music, festivals and cultural traditions among other things. The Indian dress has a spark that easily describes the Indian culture. Indian garbs have a rich history and even in this era of modernization they still preserve their clothing styles.

Their many celebrations also demand fresh and new pieces for each hence the growth of their textile industry. The dressing styles from many rulers are still kept and are adorned by most people showing what a great impact they had on the attires.

Currently, designers are continuously focusing on getting out new designs by improving or blending these traditional attires for amazing pieces. Although not all pieces are preferred by everyone or of equal importance.

Some are a favorite of most people and you spot them frequently worn in various events as mentioned in this article.

  • Saree

7 Indian Dresses That Are Preferred by Most People

The saree is a preferred Indian dress by every woman. These 6 yards of fabric are among the oldest pieces that are draped in unique styles around the body. Although not everyone is fun of draping it right.

There are many ways that you can drape it with ease to date. Some come pre-draped, the fusion styles like the Lehenga style saree or pant style sarees are other ways to wear it.

All in all, this does not stop others from wearing the usual blouse and petticoat and dupatta for a saree. Today there are many fabrics that you can style your saree to fit how you want it to look. Nowadays there are different types of sarees such as silk saree, satin saree, chiffon saree, and sequin saree etc.

As it keeps evolving with many designs and styling options. Women still find it as an ideal daily wear and a fabulous pick for special occasions.

  • The Lehenga choli 

7 Indian Dresses That Are Preferred by Most People

This beautiful piece is famous among women and young girls are dressed to it as well. It is a must-have outfit for brides at least in one or more of her wedding occasions.

It looks beautiful on everyone and it is a decent piece to wear to traditional events as well. This three-piece garment is styled in various ways depending on the woman’s choice.

The fabric should be the main focus of a perfect Lehenga. Since a good fabric is easy to style in different ways. It is important to note that different Lehenga suits and cholis are worn to different events due to the embellishments they have. Choose unique cholis for your Lehenga, those that have unique sleeve designs and neck patterns.

  • The salwar Kameez 

7 Indian Dresses That Are Preferred by Most People

This wear is loved by most women due to its comfort and versatility. This descent outfit is made of a kameez, salwar, and dupatta. Others prefer wearing it as two-piece depending on how they style it.

The kameez can be a casual kurta, Anarkali, an office wear Kurtis. While the bottoms are different salwar types that blend well with the kameez. Choose the design of your salwar kameez depending on the event you are attending and how well it fits your fashion tastes.

Have the kameez embroidered with beautiful works and choose one in unique styles. Styling the salwar kameez is easy to suit every event as long as you know the right designs and styles for each look.

  • The Dhoti Kurta 

7 Indian Dresses That Are Preferred by Most People

This is famous ethnic attire for Indian men. It is a common look that the famous Mahatma Gandhi used to adorn all the time. It is a two-piece garment as the name suggests, the dhoti and a kurta piece for the upper part.

This dhoti for men is a 6-yard-long unstitched clothe. That is best worn for both formal and informal gatherings but it depends on how you style the kurta. Men can style this look in different colors and fabrics to fit their fashion taste.

On the other hand, there is a dhoti kurta for the women too. However, this dhoti is stitched with pleats narrowing down to the ankle and can be paired with long or short Kurtis.

  • Angrakha 

7 Indian Dresses That Are Preferred by Most People

To those that want an Indian dress that is flexible and easy. That is a favorite for both men and women for similar reasons. The Angrakha is the preferred outfit that was originally a court dress.

However, these days the women wear it with much more ease than men. Wear this with salwar’s of your choice and add some pom poms to add a playful look to it.

This dress looks a lot like the Anarkali with the flowy nature that gives and it is a superb look for most occasions. Also, it has buttons, embroideries and the unique cuts that help enhance your look even more. 

  • Sherwani 

7 Indian Dresses That Are Preferred by Most People

Although westernization has a lot of influence on Indian clothing. It still maintains their sophisticated look with minimal alterations like for the Sherwani. This traditional knee-length men’s wear jacket is a popular piece in India.

It is an ideal groom's outfit due to how it's designed and styled. Although there some changes in the context of how it is styled. The best pairing for the Sherwani remains as the dhoti pants and churidar.

It is still worn to formal settings depending on the styling and opening. There are many varieties to it from plain ones to embroidered pieces that are preferred by grooms for their wedding.

  • Pathani suit 

7 Indian Dresses That Are Preferred by Most People

This suit is also known as the khan suit. It is one of a kind with its sophisticated looks. It a popular garb among Indian men due to its comfort and how it gives a slimming appearance.

It is believed to have originated from Pakistan but it is now a must-have suit among most Indian men. The trousers for the pathani suit are loose and it is paired with a full sleeves kurta.

You can use the sleeves to style it differently if you prefer a slight twist to the look. Have different colors of this suit and style it with a Nehru jacket for that extra edgy look. Get this Indian pathani suit and rock it during the festive season.

7 Indian Dresses That Are Preferred by Most People