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6 Things You Can Learn About Fashion From TikTok

Some still consider TikTok a children's app. But more and more celebrities have started using it to spread their message and communicate with their audience. You’d be surprised how easy it is to find fashion-related content on TikTok that helps you to stay in tune with whatever is trending.

1. Dancing moves come first and looks come second

TikTok is a dancer’s playground. As such, any fashion trends you’ll spot there will take that into account. So if a piece of clothing is too obstructive to one’s movement, chances are you won’t be seeing it a lot. Instead, you’ll encounter something an athlete is likely to wear, such as sweatpants, shorts, etc.

At the same time, that doesn’t mean you’ll see people wearing pajamas only being flexible and comfortable. Who’s to say that you can’t look cool while exercising?

Something as simple as wearing a baseball cap or a hoodie can make all the difference in making your dance routine more presentable.

2. Fashion items are often part of a challenge

Some TikTok users go far beyond showing off when using fashion items as part of a challenge. For instance, picture a couple dancing to Drake’s song while swapping outfits in a rhythm-based and timely fashion.

All of a sudden, clothing and fashion accessories become more than something to feast your eyes on. They are a part of an act. Throw in some cones or plastic bags into the mix, and you have a recipe for entertainment. It may be challenging to perform, but that much more rewarding once you can pull it off.

It’s no wonder why people love watching these.

3. Fashion thrives on personality and humor

What began as a kids’ app is now a platform for style and fashion designers from all over the world. As a result, it is raising the bar for everything fashion-related.

Recently, prominent name designers such as Olivier Rousteing have been streaming straight out of their ateliers. When tuning in to one of these, you get a giant dose of personality and humor. It is exactly what sets this type of content apart from what you’d expect from a typical fashion show.

4. Layered necklaces are gaining traction

Often associated with rappers and hip-hop dancers, layered necklaces appear to be the norm on TikTok. It applies to both male and female audiences.

Unlike searching for that perfect tank top or a piece of clothing fit for any occasion, layered jewelry is something you can throw on at any time to get an edgy look.

What’s better is that you can combine it with other fashion accessories without the fear of making them clash or become visually unappealing. And you can do it all in an instant.

5. Oversized hoodies are in

Thanks to TikTok, oversized hoodies are no longer considered nerdy or wonky. Instead, they are getting their fair share of glory due to how commonly represented they are on the platform.

Many TikTok stars and influencers are wearing them. Given how comfortable they are for performing dance moves of various sorts, it’s no wonder why they lend themselves to the occasion so well.

6. Augmented reality apps are booming

Gone are the days when you’d have to visit a fashion store only for the sake of trying on a new hat or another fashion accessory. It’s still a popular choice among those who enjoy the overall experience or stream their shopping on TikTok.

But augmented reality apps are an excellent option for those who want to make the most efficient use of their time.

Available on both iOS, Android, and computer-based operating systems, augmented reality apps and fashion are a match made in heaven. The only question that remains is this: how secure are they?

As with most other internet-based devices, gadgets, and apps, it all depends on the user. Therefore, it’s vital to remain on your guard and watch for any suspicious-looking permissions they might ask.

Things like learning how to hide my IP and protecting personally identifiable information when using one of these are crucial for having a safe and risk-free experience.


TikTok has become a vessel for spreading ideas and communicating with like-minded individuals. Apart from that, it remains a go-to source for fashion-related trends and entertainment.

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