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6 Reasons Why Women Prefer Scruffy Men

Whether you're growing your beard out or just taking a few days in between shaving, there's no denying that ladies love men with a little scruff on their faces.

What it is about a little bit of facial hair that drives women crazy? Why is it such a determining factor for them on whether or not a guy is considered hot?

The proof is in the pudding. Look at celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling... both scruffy men.

Here are several reasons why women prefer scruffy men over the alternative. This article will have you growing out your facial hair like never before.

1. It Shows Maturity

Often times, when women are growing up, they dream about one-day upgrading to a higher class of men that they'll start dating.

In fact, a majority of women these days will tell you that when they envisioned getting married one day, their spouse had a beard on his face. 

Why? Because it shows maturity. There aren't many men in their high school or undergraduate days that can grow a full beard. 

Men that have scruff have lived long enough to go through some different experiences and are assumed to have more sophistication to them. While that isn't always a reality, it's a great first impression to give the ladies who are eyeing you down at the bar.

2. It's Trendy

Facial hair scruff is a massive trend right now for men that can grow it out. So, in a lady's mind, if you're rocking the scruffy man look, you're in with the times.

Women like a man that can dress and is in touch with the fashion and style trends to a certain extend. 

They certainly don't expect you to have read every issue of GQ cover to cover, but just a bit of trendiness can go a long way in their eyes.

3. Not Every Man Can Pull It Off

This is a big one. Women desire a man that you can't find every day. Something that separates them from the rest of the pack.

Men are a dime a dozen, but those that can pull off a scruffy-yet-full beard look are ones that they flock to. It's the definition of a "man's man" in their eyes.

If you weren't given the genetics to grow out a full beard, then do some research on how to go about getting a patchy beard fix. You'll be growing out the scruff that drives women wild in no time!

4. It Gives off a Bad Boy Vibe

Ask any woman what they want in a man and they'll tell you they want an honest, hard-working man that treats them right.

However, they'll also admit that they want a guy with just enough of a bad boy side to fill the fix of their teen girl fantasies.

Whether it's realistic or not, there's a common association that men with beards have a bad boy side to them. It creates enough of an impression that their dads would be skeptical of their daughters dating them... now that's an impression!

The scruffy look gives off that balance perfectly. It shows that they're at least rebellious enough to break free from the clean-shaven days of old.

Growing out a little stubble, rather than the normal routine of having a babyface, will drive your girl wild!

5. It's a Perfect Length

Every woman has a different opinion on what they'd consider being a "perfect length" for their man's beard.

Some women legitimately prefer one end of the beard length spectrum. They honestly prefer either clean-shaven or a duck dynasty kind of beard.

However, a significant portion of women would tell you they love the beard look, but only to a certain extent.

First off, many women complain that when a beard gets too long, it gets uncomfortable for them to kiss their man properly. Fellas, don't mess with that rule!

Secondly, they love how mature a scruffy beard makes their boyfriend or husband look, but when it reaches a certain point, it comes off more "lazy" than "sexy". 

Also, some women legitimately find longer or thicker beards appalling. If your spouse is one of them, you'll want to find a scruff length that they find more acceptable.

6. They're Clean, Yet Rugged

Most women have fantasized at least a time or two about a sexy, rugged Paul Bunyan type of guy who sweeps them off of their feet.

Your beard is a variation of that. They want you to have a beard that's growing out but still looks as if it's well taken care of.

There are many ways to do that, but the easiest is to shape your stubble every few days.

More importantly, be sure to only keep the stubble that's connected. If it's patchy, then you'll want to remove it.

For example, if you can't grow facial hair underneath your jaw and chin, then be sure to shave that part and leave the rest to grow out a scruffy look.

By doing so, you'll have a rugged (yet tamed) look that your lady will beg you to keep growing out for years to come.

Scruffy Men, Assemble!

Now that you've seen all the benefits and reasons why women prefer scruffy men, it's time to find the best way to grow your stubble out.

Be sure to consider the best ways you can maintain the beard to cater to your career while also fulfilling your lady's wishes.

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