Call an Attorney After an Accident
June 24, 2024

6 Reasons to Call an Attorney After an Accident

Getting into an accident is a stressful experience that all of us would gladly avoid, if possible. And of course, accidents are called that way for a reason. There are a few things you should have in mind immediately after the accident has happened to minimize the overall damage already done.

Besides seeking immediate medical help and attention and calling the police to make an assessment of the damage and claim the fault, probably the most important thing is calling your lawyer to help you with the issue at hand. Your lawyer is your best friend in a situation like this, and they’ll give you the right guidance and advice on how to continue. In the text below, we’ll list all the reasons why you should call your attorney after an accident. Read on! 

Call an Attorney After an Accident

Assessment of Your Claim

In the beginning, we said how your lawyer has already encountered similar situations if they are not the same, how often they can predict several different outcomes, and how it can all end. They’ll tell you those outcomes and discuss them with you with complete confidence. Your lawyer will also give you a specific assessment, including medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. Why does all this matter?

Simply because once you have a real understanding of the scope of your injury, you can claim the right compensation and avoid settling for minimal offers from insurance companies. This way, you’ll have a real picture of what you’re entitled to and what you can get! 

Legal Expertise and Guidance 

Probably the best and most convincing reason why you should call your attorney after the accident is because of their legal guidance and expertise on the matter. Your lawyer has years of experience dealing with different issues of similar or identical nature. They’ll simply know the drill and are well aware of the many outcomes your accident can have.

Your lawyer will share their wisdom with you, give you a realistic interpretation of the whole situation, and explain the possible outcomes you can expect. You can always look for resbalones y caídas miami or any other place to find the right attorney for the job and to get real legal support for your case. Keep in mind that personal injury claims and car accidents are quite complex cases as there are several factors to take into account, and it’s harder to prove whose fault it might be due to traffic laws and complications that occur on the road. Your attorney, on the other hand, knows and understands the intricacies of the law, procedural rules, and the tactics insurance companies often employ. 

Dealing With Insurance Companies 

When it comes to negotiations with insurance companies, you have to be aware of one thing: whatever you suffered and whatever is currently going on with your life, the negotiations are purely business and no one is taking into account your suffering and emotions. Your attorney will therefore take the lead and make sure you’re rightfully compensated for everything.

Insurance companies are always trying to minimize the payout and cut some expenses by simply offering you something that is not anywhere near what you can actually claim and get instead. They’ll employ different negotiation tactics and some psychological tricks to convince you to take the offer and to lead you to believe that that’s the best you can ever get. They might even convince you that it was your fault in some way. Don’t fall for these tricks and let the experts deal with the insurance company. 

Proving Liability 

What is a liability claim? Proving a liability claim means a person or entity's legal responsibility for their actions, inaction, or the negligence of other parties for which they are responsible. In other words, with the help of an attorney, you can prove the liability of the person or entity (referring to work) and how it directly caused your accident and the injury that followed because of it. Liability claims are the milestones of a personal injury or accident case. If proven, you’ll win the case with high probability and get the compensation you deserve. 

Call an Attorney After an Accident

Meeting Deadlines 

If you’ve never heard of the statute of limitations, all you need to know is how your lawyer will be at your side, ensuring that you never miss the deadline and that your case is not treated as “outdated” in any possible way. With the right attorney by your side, you’ll have the chance to claim compensation and make sure you have a strong case on your hands. Missing these deadlines can result in losing your right to pursue compensation. Your attorney will make sure all the needed paperwork is in order and they’ll do everything they can to meet all the deadlines. 

An attorney ensures that all paperwork is filed correctly and on time, preserving your claim and allowing you to focus on recovery. 

You Can Focus on Your Recovery 

The most important part of the whole thing is ensuring your peace of mind and the ability to completely focus on your recovery. Make sure you create a stress-free environment. With the right attorney at your side, you’ll be able to focus more on yourself than on the case, the court hearings, and everything following them. After an accident, the last thing you need to think about is how to deal with insurance companies, compensation claims, how to gather all the necessary evidence, how to meet deadlines, and more. This way, you can relax, enjoy, and have complete peace of mind knowing a professional is taking care of your issue instead of you. 

All in all, calling your attorney immediately simply gives you the needed reassurance and the help to keep going to achieve the compensation you’re entitled to. The benefits are many, from legal expertise to having someone do the negotiations on your behalf. It’s also important, as they’ll give you an honest opinion of the case, the outcomes, the outlook, and realistic compensation expectations and claims. Without a lawyer, you’re putting everything at risk and you might walk away from it all without claiming anything.