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6 Novelty Gifts for Christmas

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Christmas is a time for giving. It is also time to have fun when choosing a gift to give to your friends and family.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right gift but why not give them a novelty gift that is unique and fun?

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Sharp End Cat Pencil Sharpener – Black



If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone in the office or maybe a family member and you want to bring a smile to their face this is the ideal choice.

Look no further than The Sharp End Pencil Sharpener. This will allow the lucky recipient to sharpen their pencils while the poor moggie displays its displeasure by meowing back at them.

The poor Moggie also comes with a litter tray that catches the pencils shavings, this clever cat is a very clean and tidy addition to someone's desk.



Golf Bag Novelty Mailbox



If you have someone who is hooked on golf and needs a new mailbox then this is the gift for them.

This decorative mailbox is a great way to display their unique personality and love of the game of Golf.

The mailbox is a standard size and it will easily mount to any standard mailbox post. The box is constructed using rust-resistant steel with all attaching parts made of Medex, a composite wood designed specifically for outside use.

If the lucky person receiving this golf mailbox loves the game of Golf and has a fun personality – this is the ideal gift for them! According to The Mailbox Works, there has been a growing demand for these in recent years as people move away from the more boring traditional alternative.



Spider Catcher



Nearly every home has one ….  Someone who has a serious fear or dislike of spiders.

This Spider Catcher is a must-have gadget for those who are afraid of spiders. It’s quick and easy to use and removes household spiders and other bugs without harming them.

Simply pull the trigger at the one end and the bristles at the other end will open then release the trigger for the bristles to close around the critter, harmlessly trapping it.

Then all they need to do is to transport the spider outside. No more standing on chairs and screaming!

Sumo Egg Cups



When you rise in the morning, sometimes facing breakfast can be a bit of an ordeal. When you eventually have your breakfast of boiled eggs popping them into the Sumo Egg Cups will make everything in the world seem happier.

The Sumo Egg Cups will bring a smile to your face as you contemplate your day ahead. They are unique, funny and an egg-cellent idea for a novelty gift.



Men’s Odd Socks – The Sock Exchange



At work, you go about your business just like any other normal day. However, appearances can be deceiving.

Beneath the businessman facade there lies a secret. Kick off those business shoes to reveal your true colours. The soles of your socks will be emblazoned with multi-coloured patterns and, of course, none of them matches.

Each box contains 6 different odd socks making it possible for you to pair them up in any way you fancy to create 15 different combinations of stripes, dots and diamonds. Perfect!

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