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6 Houseplants to Take Care Of if You're a Newbie

All your friends have already given into the plant parenting trend. They’ve already set up their indoor gardens and boast it on their IG feeds. For some reason, you find yourself thinking, “well, there’s no harm in trying, right?”

Lo and behold, you’re already on Google looking for the best houseplant that is easy to take care of. Well, you’re in luck because, in this piece, we’re recommending houseplants that are perfect for neophytes like you.

There are a ton of plants for newbies that you could include here but we just whittle them down to a top 6:

1. Succulents

Succulents are hot right now. They have become a favourite of almost every plant mom and dad since the pandemic happened. Look around your neighbourhood or your friends’ social media feeds, we’re sure you’ll see at least one or two pots of succulents and cacti.

Even on local nursery gardens, you’ll see that succulents are one of their best sellers!

The major reason why succulents are popular among new and seasoned plant parents is that they’re easy to take care of. That’s probably because they are originally desert plants and extreme environments are just normal to them.

If you plan to buy a pot or two, just put them in well-lit places and give them little water. These plants don’t need that much attention, so you don’t have to worry about it every time.   

2. Lucky Bamboo

If you’ve ever been in any type of office before, you know this plant well enough. Lucky bamboos are a staple in almost every establishment and office space.

As the name suggests, these plants are believed to be the bearer of good fortune. For those who believe in luck, lucky bamboos are the perfect houseplant. Not only do they bring money and abundance, but they’re also easy to take care of!

These bamboos will live long enough even if you water them occasionally or place them in spots where there’s not enough light coming in.

3. Spider Plant

Spider plant is the perfect hanging plant that you can decorate your house with. Plant parents love this house plant mainly for its thin and sharp leaves that shoot out from its stem. Also, spider plants are not that picky with water, temperature and light.

They’re easy to find, too! Just visit the local nursery garden near you, which probably offers flower delivery in Melbourne, and ask for this plant.

4. Golden Pothos Vine

In the wild, the golden pothos vine is famous for its ability to envelop towering trees with its large leaves that are gold and green in colour.

In a house setting, expect this houseplant to sprawl over your furniture because that’s their nature. But other than that, you can keep them alive easily with little water and enough sunlight.

5. Swiss Cheese Plant

Yup, that’s the real name of the plant. This houseplant has big heart-shaped leaves that develop holes on the surface as the plant grows. These leaves with holes on them resemble Swiss cheese, hence the name.

6. Snake Plant and Mother-in-law’s Tongue

These two houseplants look almost similar. But you can differentiate the two just by looking at the bands around their leaves. Snake plants have green bands while Mother-in-law’s tongue has yellow ones.

When looking after these plant babies, you have to put them in well-lit spots because they need plenty of light. But they need little water, so they’re still relatively easy to take care of. 

Plant parenting is no easy feat. So if you’re just starting your journey, taking care of these house plants will serve as your training if you plan to do it full-time and nurse larger plants. But for now, stick with low-maintenance houseplants first!

6 Houseplants to Take Care Of if You're a Newbie