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6 Helpful Tips In Choosing Tattoos You Will Love Forever

Deciding on a tattoo, you'll adore for the rest of your life can seem overwhelming if you've never been in a tattoo studio before. 

To avoid regretting your tattoo later on and using a laser to erase all traces, you should think about a tattoo carefully. 

6 Helpful Tips In Choosing Tattoos

Need help determining where to begin or unsure of your decision? We have your back. Below, you'll find a list of 6 foolproof suggestions to keep in mind before choosing a tattoo.

1. Think About Why You Want Body Art

Do you wish to pay tribute to a particular date? Or would a genuinely original tattoo idea pique your interest better?

Date and time also make fantastic tattoos since they act as a unique remembrance of a significant moment in your entire life.

Many new parents like to get their child's heartbeat tattooed. Some get inked with their pet's paw prints. Others find solace in the fully detailed face of their loved one as a tattoo.

When young people get tattoos for themselves, their loved ones, their families, or even their best friends, they always appreciate them.

2. Think About Placement And Dimensions

Here are some basic things you should know about your tattoo:

  • Small and highly detailed tattoos do not age well. Your skin’s natural process of aging will change the way your skin looks or curves.
  • It would help if you considered that sunlight usually causes tattoos to fade.
  • Water and soap exposure over the years can also change the way your tattoo looks.
  • Certain body parts have a higher pain threshold, and it's easier to do more extensive tattoos there.
  • Tattoos on legs and hands require frequent touch-ups because they fade out early.

How big it will be and where you get it inked are essential factors to consider for the longevity of your tattoo.

Melbourne Tattoo Supplies offers a wide range of high-quality products, including tattoo stencils, to ensure precision and creativity in your tattoo artistry.

 3. Avoid Common Tattoo Related Mistakes

Here are some rookie tattoo mistakes that you haven’t considered:

  Not Knowing What Your Tattoo Means

Tattoos in Asian scripts such as Hanzi, Devanagari, and Kanji are trendy. Since you can't read these languages, you might accidentally get "chicken" tattooed on your thigh instead of the word "peace."


We are living in times when workplaces are more accepting of tattoos than they’ve ever been. Despite this, some businesses might not be so accommodating of tattoos.

  Ideology And Romances

A tattoo of a political symbol could be offensive in some places. Also, if you’re not sure your significant other will stay with you forever, you can be assured that the tattoo of their name will.

4. Choose A Tattoo Style That Resembles With You

Here are some common types of tattoo art styles that you may choose from

  1. Realism - Coloring and shading are used to make tattoos come to life.
  2. American traditional - A clean tattoo with black outlining and a primary color.
  3.   Minimalism – Precise and sharp black lines are used to make simple designs.
  4. Traditional Japanese- It uses minimal shading. It is inspired by classic Japanese art.

You can also choose your own culture's traditional art style.

5. Do Not Compromise With What You Want

Here’s the thing. You can listen to others(professionals included) for advice, but if the final result is not good enough for you, don’t go for it.

Compromising with quality over money is also a big no. Here’s what happens when you cheap out on a tattoo:

  • There's no accuracy. The tattoo looks like a knock-off of what you wanted.
  • The tattoo gets infected. Hygiene is usually not maintained in low-cost tattoo parlors.
  • You don’t receive proper guidance from the tattoo artist or instructions on taking care of your tattoo.

The more professionalism a tattoo place has the more you can be assured that the tattoo will come out great. You could take a tattoo in Bern as an example of professional and high-quality tattoo designs.

6. Think Of The Future

Are you getting yourself a tattoo that time will not wear down? Tattoos go through a lot and need touch-ups every few years to look good.

Permanently engraving something on your skin is a pretty big deal. Even laser treatments leave their scars. We’ve not even begun to talk about the costs.

If you need clarification on whether or not you'll like seeing your tattoo every day, get a temporary henna tattoo first.

If everything works out and you genuinely love the tattoo, give yourself the green light to get the real thing.

End Note

Tattoos are very personal; they can be close( in some cases literally) to your heart. People are constantly changing, and so are you, so it's best to get a tattoo you love enough never to get tired of it.

6 Helpful Tips In Choosing Tattoos