6 Evergreen Game Ideas For Your Kids Party
February 11, 2019

6 Evergreen Game Ideas For Your Kids Party

6 Evergreen Game Ideas For Your Kids Party

Planning a kid’s party can be taxing. It's very difficult to keep children steady and sitting in one place. Since most of them have an attention span of a toddler, arranging for engaging activities becomes crucial.

If you are a parent then you must have faced the issues of arranging for a great party for your kid.

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Generally, kids run around the whole place if you don't have anything to hold them down with, and what can be the best alternative of other than games?

Though there are multiple games you can select from, here are a few that are best suited for a kid’s party. These ideas will definitely keep your little guests entertained.

Treasure Hunt:

This is a classic which most children love. In addition to being engaging, this game can get children to churn their brain.

The rules are simple, you hide multiple paper chits in a closed room. Signal the child by saying “hot” if he/she is near the chit, or “cold” if he/she is far away from it.

You can make in necessary additions and alterations in the game. For example, you can include a clue in each chit, and can guide the children to some gifts or prizes ie, the ultimate treasure!

Include some fun music and not forget to time the game!

Musical Chair:

Yet another classic from the golden days, musical chair is a very easy and engaging game. Additionally, it is fun to watch as parents.

The game requires just 5 to 10 chairs and some fun music and you are all set! The chairs must be arranged alternately, facing the walls.

Just play on some fun music and get the children to run around the chair arrangement.

As the rules say, the children have to find a seat as soon as the music stops.  The last child sitting wins the game.

Include small gifts for the kids to keep the game fun and engaging.

Find the Continent:

Generally, the best games are those which not only keep the children busy but also impart some form of knowledge to them. One such game is Find the Continent.

The game involves four to six tables to be placed in each corner of a room. Signboards are placed on each table.

Write the names of the different rives, lakes, countries, oceans on each signboard. The children have to run to the appropriate table after the names of the different rivers, lakes, oceans, and countries are called out.

Make the game interesting by including basic GK questions! Not only will the kids be happy for the next 15 minutes, you too will have a bit of time with your friends.

Hiring A Kid’s Party Entertainer:

Nowadays, one can get hired help for almost everything, and children’s party planning is no exception.

Just hire one of the best kids party entertainers and let him/her take the responsibility of kids party entertainment and engaging the kids.

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You can make a choice of interesting party games along with magic shows, Joker performance and much more!

Coin In Bucket:

This is a very simple game and can keep kids busy for some time. The game involves placing a half water filled bowl at the center of a bucket.

Get the kids to drop 10-15 coins in the bucket at one time. Keep a note of the number of coins hitting the basket at one time and mark accordingly.

However, this game cannot hold on kids for long until some interesting elements are introduced. For example, you can blindfold the children when they are dropping the coins in the bucket.

Prizes for the winner and the runners-up can also be an interesting option.

Face Painting:

There is nothing more charming than to watch kids play with colours. So bring that spark in your party with the face painting game.

However, be very careful about the paints you buy. The best option will be to make face paints at home using corn flour and food colouring.

Get every child a few shades of colour and ask them to paint their guardian's face!

With these ideas handy, you are sure to throw a wonderful party for your kids the next time! All the best!