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5 Tips to Make Your Custom Design Clothing Line

If you have always been interested in starting a clothing line, you probably want to know how you can make it successful in such a competitive market. You should reach out to white2labelmanufacturing.com who supplies high-class quality clothes. There are a few simple steps that you can follow to make your clothing brand stand out.

1. Take an Introduction to Clothing Design Class

It is perfectly possible to start a clothing line without a formal education. However, it never hurt anyone to take a class to learn the basics of any business. Many online design schools offer introductory classes that you can take on an individual basis. You do not need to be formally enrolled in the school.

An introductory class will teach you the fundamentals of color, pattern, and illustration. You will also learn information about various fabrics, and regulating quality and fit.

2. Make a Business Plan

Before you launch any business, you should figure out what the start-up costs will be. If you are starting a clothing line, you want to figure out the cost of warehousing and shipping your clothes. If you are planning on having a shop, you will want to consider the cost of rent, insurance, and personnel.

If you are starting a t-shirt business, you may want to consider selling your product online and using a company that will print and ship your products for you. That way, you will not have to buy a printer or rent a warehouse.

3. Study Trends in Fashion

Your brand should be a reflection of your personal style and it should be unique. However, it is important to keep yourself apprised of the latest fashion trends.

Vegan clothing is very popular these days and so are plus-sized fashions. Artful looking face masks are an inexpensive way to introduce the public to your brand. Everyone needs masks nowadays. You can sell them online and print them whenever people order them.

4. Timing Your Collection

Seasons are very important in the fashion industry. You should start developing certain articles of clothing at least a year in advance. If you are planning on selling your line wholesale, buyers will need to see your product a month in advance of Fashion Week.

If you sell clothes online, remember to take the time it will take to ship them into consideration. You will want to sell sweaters a month in advance of winter and t-shirts a month in advance of summer.

5. Advertising Your Clothing Line

Once you design your clothes and have a means of getting them out to the public, you will want to let people know that they exist. It is important to have your own website displaying your fashion designs.


You can advertise on social media. Remember to target your audience. In addition to posting your designs on your personal and business page, you should post links to your website in Facebook groups of which the members might tend to buy your line. If you make Christian themed shirts, post them in a religious group. If you make animal rights shirts, post them in an animal advocacy group.

Be sure to create pages for each category of clothing you offer on Pinterest. For example, if you sell ties and t-shirts, you should have a page for ties and another for t-shirts.

Your great fashion ideas deserve to become a reality. With planning and preparation, you may be the next big thing.

5 Tips to Make Your Custom Design Clothing Line