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5 Tips For Impressing Women

There is an old saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but things have changed somewhat since the days of Marilyn Monroe.

The modern girl requires a little more than glitz and glamour – she's looking for something with substance and, above all, something that gets right to the heart.

You may be surprised to find that it’s the most simple things that impress women these days and you may also be pleased to learn it doesn’t require having shed loads in the bank or rippling toned muscles.

Below are the five easiest ways to impress a woman:


  • • Courtesy: It’s terribly underestimated. Little things such as holding the door open for her and getting her coat may seem trivial, but women place a lot of value on that. Gallantry is something that all women, whether secretly or openly, appreciated. Being a gentleman immediately commands respect and women like a man they can respect. Never underestimate the power of manners and common courtesy; it is a surefire way to impress.
  • Show interest in her interests: Don’t make the conversation all about you. There is nothing more off-putting to a woman than hearing a man go on and on about himself. No matter how good-looking, how successful or how endearing he may be, if a man rabbits on about himself and refuses to let her get a word in edgeways it is an automatic turn-off. Women like to know they are being heard; show genuine interest, because a woman can usually tell if you’re feigning it. Ask her questions about herself; get to know her. According to Honey Girls you should prioritise her interests over yours during the conversation. She will find this touching and, in turn, want to ask you questions about yourself too.
  • • Don’t look at your phone: This is a relatively new phenomenon, but an important one. Women are deeply unimpressed by men who are constantly on their phones whilst with them. If you’re just getting to know her and you’re having a first conversation, first date or otherwise in the first stages of things, the worst thing you could do is pay attention to your phone. No woman likes to feel as if she is competing with a piece of technology in the eyes of a potential suitor, so put that phone away and give her your full, undivided attention.
  • • Look her in the eye: Beautiful she may be, no woman likes to be ogled at by a gawping man who eyes her up and down while she’s telling him something meaningful about her life. A woman will catch on very quickly to this, so don’t be surprised if she makes her excuses and leaves after the first couple of minutes of talking. Look her in the eye during your conversation and don’t let your eyes wander. A woman likes a man who respects her for her mind more than anything else.
  • • Be confident! Perhaps the most impressive thing to any woman is a man who is confident in himself. A fat, balding middle-aged man who is confident is more likely to appeal to a woman than a young, muscly man who is plainly insecure. A man, no matter his looks, who struts his stuff and knows how to carry himself is very attractive; few women can resist such charms and it is a surefire way to impress the woman you’re after!