5 Tips For Changing e-juice Flavors
December 26, 2019

5 Tips For Changing e-juice Flavors

One of the most exciting things to do is trying out new and fresh vape juices with various liquid density and flavors. You get to taste new flavors, and also when you are doing vape tricks each of the flavors works a tad bit differently, consider it as one big charm of vaping, find more about it at Freedom Fog Peace River Vape Gear

5 Tips For Changing e-juice Flavors

But problem coming along with many new vapers is that they aren’t quite experienced to handle changing out different e-juices. Just relax! And keep going through this article to learn some very sorted tips on changing flavors in a vape tank.

Let’s start with rinsing your tank

You need to assure that you are cleaning your vape in the right way. For that, you will want to follow these steps.

  1. First, unscrew the tank from the vape or e-cig (look out for the coil and the) and carefully dispense the liquid into the basin. Depending on the density of your previous e-juice, you will notice, that there is filtrate inside the container. Yes, you need to clear this out because it might affect the taste of your new juice.
  2. Again carefully with a warm water rinse the tank for a few times; and if you want you can use a bit of liquid soap. When you’re done rinsing it, and notice that the tank is fresh now, you need to thoroughly dry it by wiping it very sensibly with a piece of paper or dry towel and then leave it for a few minutes on a clean dry place or cloth. 

5 Tips For Changing e-juice Flavors


Take care of the kit!

3. Now that your tank is thoroughly cleaned and ready to use, let’s learn about taking care of the rest of the kit.

Spend some minutes cleaning the drip tip – 

  • Isolate it from the e-cig
  • Soak it in clean water or hold it under the running water
  • Clean the filth or residues inside with a thin cotton bud 
  • Make sure you air dry it
  • Pat any excess water off with a towel or paper towel

You could also cautiously clean the battery, tank base, and tank cap with a cotton bud to make sure your kit is glistening. Be a little extra careful in this case!

Wick and coil cleaning

  1. To get a complete refreshing and reviving flavor, you must change your coils. Since the juice gets burnt in the coil, remaining bits of flavor gather inside the vape coils. About every two weeks coils need changing and this is not even that expensive anyway.
  2. What if your taste buds want a new flavor and you already have altered your coil last week and don't want to toss a new coil? I got it for you! Simply take a zip-lock bag and label it with the flavor’s name. Put the coil in it and next time when you want to vape that same flavor again put the coil back and enjoy.

After you changed the coil, prime it and least five minutes wait is necessary before trying out and vaping that new flavor. This will give the cotton wick a chance to get drenched with juice.

By cleaning your tank and the other gears of your vape kit on regular basis, and also making sure that your coil is in the best condition, you’ll not only make the most of the new flavor when you change e-liquid juices, but you’ll also keep your vape lasting longer.