Love with a Girl
September 12, 2023

5 Signs you may be in Love with a Girl

Love with a Girl

Experiencing butterflies in your tummy occurs for several reasons. The most enjoyable reason is falling in love. It is the feeling of knowing your stresses will be lessened for a certain period. Suddenly, you feel like you are alive and not existing.

Realizing you are in love may take longer to sink in. Family and friends may point out this fact to you.  This happens when your behavior changes and others notice. In some instances, your demeanor might change and some may not like that. They may be scared a close friend found someone closer to them.

After that first and subsequent date with a girl from, things might get hot. Some things might become uninteresting as much while others beg your interest. These could be due to the new relationship. Here are signs you may be in love with a girl.

1. Quality time

Boys in love with girls plan quality time ahead of schedule. They think about what this quality time should entail. Boys falling in love with girls will spend a week planning quality time. Quality time planning without thinking of male friends signifies falling in love. For most men, quality time meant weekends with the boys, chasing women, and catching up on sports. Planning quality time means a total change in activities. When you would rather be with her than the boys you are likely in love.

2. Thoughts of her

Daytime thoughts revolving around her might signify love is in the air. A majority of men think about personal desires such as sports, cars, and chasing women. When thoughts switch from the aforementioned to thoughts of her, it is probably love. Being smitten also leaves you dreaming of her during the day and nighttime.

3. Interested in her needs

Most men and women focus on personal needs, sometimes selfishly. When we fall in love with a girl, we begin to think of their desires and become passionate about them. This is more evident when trying to help our crush with overwhelming tasks. We might sacrifice personal endeavors to please them. Suddenly becoming selfless around a certain girl is a sign you are falling for her.

4. Listening

When men listen more than they talk, they are something calling to them. If a girl can talk for hours without you interrupting or offering advice, it is a plus. The bigger plus is when you don’t bring up personal experiences that shun theirs. If she talks passionately about her family, friends, career choices, and goals, and you remain interested, there is a chance that you are smitten.

5. Jealousy

There is such a thing as healthy jealousy. If she talks to her longtime male friend for hours, you might be jealous. Hanging out with her girlfriends and male friends on Fridays might cause distress. It is a natural part of new relationships. When you have a crush there is bound to be jealousy. As long as it doesn’t get out of hand, it is healthy. Jealousness happens with us being unaware. Friends might point it out to our bewilderment. Nonetheless, the girl you are falling for will love it. 

Bottom Line

Falling in love and experiencing butterflies in your stomach is a good thing. It is even better if the other person feels the same. Knowing when to differentiate between being infatuated and in love is another challenge. But both situations should be welcomed with open arms.