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5 Reasons Why Cooking Makes Men More Attractive

Whilst we’ve grown up being told to never just a book by its cover, sometimes we just can’t help it. We may decide that cars are nice because of their looks, decide how good a film will be based on the poster but most commonly, we judge people on how they look on the surface. This has led to the confidence of men shrinking following rejections from their romantic interests. 

This has led to the average man rating themselves at as a 5.9 out of 10 which may leave them with a lack of confidence and worrying about others thinking they’re not attractive either. If you feel this way then it’s time to make a change and we’ve got just the thing for you…cooking. 

Cooking is a great way to make men feel and look more attractive to others. Want to know why? Read on below to find out the 5 reasons cooking makes men more attractive. 

It’s scientific

If you thought there isn’t any data to back this up then you thought wrong. According to 3.7 million online dating profiles, food-related messages resulted in more matches which highlights just how important it is in many people’s eyes. 

Some of the best foods that you can mention are guacamole, potatoes and chocolate, so should you cook for an upcoming date, try to cook using these items for some bonus points.

Sign of Maturity

Mature men are often seen as more attractive to others and cooking certainly demonstrates this. Those that don’t have to rely on others and can cook for themselves demonstrate that they’re independent and can take care of themselves.

Those looking for a serious partner will be looking for qualities like this as they won’t want to look after you when you make it official.

You don’t subscribe to archaic gender roles

The age-old stereotype is that the woman does all the cooking but in 2022 that is certainly not the case. Men who cook demonstrate that they’ve moved away from archaic values which prove to women that they see them as their equal. This will get the relationship off to the best possible start.

It’s romantic 

Is there anything more attractive than seeing a man holding a wok as he cooks you a delicious meal? Most people would agree with this. Sit your dates in sight of you working away in the kitchen and they’re sure to fall in love with you as you chop, stir or whisk your meal to perfection. This will make them feel super special and once they taste the food, they’ll be even more attracted to you.