5 Pre-Wedding Groomsman Duties
September 25, 2020

5 Pre-Wedding Groomsman Duties

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to participate in the wedding couple’s big day, and that means you are an extraordinary friend.

They’re trusting you to solve problems, not cause them. To show up where you’re supposed to be, on time, and not only to participate but help keep things running smoothly.

But how, exactly, is a groomsman supposed to prepare for the big day? Here are a few of your responsibilities to get you started.

Get Clothed

It’s your responsibility to get your hands on the appropriate attire. You’ll need to get together with the happy couple and find out what you’re expected to wear. Traditionally, you are responsible for the cost. You’ll usually be fitted a few months before the wedding.

Whether you end up wearing a tux or just a nice suit, the clothes are often rented. However, if you have a choice, suggest that you and your party buy your wedding suits. You can get a seriously nice suit for around the price of or even less than a rental, and you’ll end up owning your attire rather than just giving a company money to borrow some clothes for a day.

Help Plan the Bachelor Party

Traditionally, you’ll work with the best man to plan for an epic bachelor party. However, the groom should have some input, if only in the place and kind of party that interests him. If he’s planning on a poker game with the groom’s party, and they’re planning a weekend trip to Vegas, there might be some conflict.

Show Up

When there are wedding adventures afoot, your job is to be there. This doesn’t only mean the bachelor party, but also fittings, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and even can suggest some expert wedding photographers like A Woman's Touch Photography to capture some extraordinary moments. Be on time and show up with a good attitude. As the bridal couple becomes more overwhelmed with all they have to do, you can help keep things calm with a little positivity.

Help Plan for the Big Day

Those finer details can get away from you. They also can get away from everyone else. Get with the best man and the rest of the party, and write down a schedule. Do you all need to be at the reception site an hour early for pictures? Make sure no one is missing out on that important info.

Also, pre-wedding is a great time to assign out the troublesome details. If cousin Bill needs to be kept far away from cousin Andrew or a fight may break out after a few drinks, figure out now who’s best at running interference.

The bridal couple might also want to put together a checklist where everyone can help out.

Travel Plans

If needed, make them for yourself and help coordinate others. You don’t want any frantic last-minute trips to the airport on the way to the chapel.

Not every wedding day is the same. Some are simple, casual affairs and others are looking to rival the latest celebrity shindig. However the day looks, you can be someone who helps make it run more smoothly and be more memorable--in a good way.

5 Pre-Wedding Groomsman Duties