5 Great Gift Ideas for Him
July 20, 2021

5 Great Gift Ideas for Him

When there is a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, it’s always nice to get somebody a gift. However, shopping for gifts can be tricky sometimes, especially when the person you’re buying for tells you ‘Not to bother’, or refuses to give you any hints about what they might like. If this is a situation you have found yourself in in the past, and the person you’re buying for is a special guy in your life, below are a few ideas that might help you find something that they will love.

1. Experience Day

An experience day will make a great gift for anybody, especially those who haven’t been forthcoming about what they want or have everything they need already. It’s an opportunity for them to go and do something that they wouldn’t usually do but perhaps have expressed interest in at some point in the past. They usually have 6-months to a year to redeem their experience day, too, allowing them to fit it in around their schedule.

2. Car Accessories

Perhaps getting something that he can use to enhance his driving experience could be a suitable gift? Whether it’s the latest Sat-Nav tech, a phone holder, or an emergency kit they can keep in the trunk? They might not sound like the most exciting gifts in the world, but if he loves his car, he will appreciate the additional items to make looking after it easier. Look here to see more gifts for car lovers.

3. Grooming Kit

This is another gift that might feel like a cop-out, but on the contrary, a quality grooming kit can make a lovely present that is also practical. Whether it’s a travel kit that they can take with them on the road or something more basic like a set of creams and aftershave from an upmarket brand you know they like, it will help them keep themselves looking good and feeling confident.

4. A Bottle of Top Shelf Whiskey

Whether it’s scotch or bourbon that they prefer, a bottle of some of the world’s finest whiskey will always make an excellent gift. They can take their time to savor the flavor and sip on it on special occasions. If whiskey isn’t their drink of choice, you can do the same with another spirit that you know they prefer, or perhaps a collection of craft beers or fine wines if that is better suited to them. If you want to really get in touch with the man in him, why not give him a homebrewing kit? It's alcohol and DIY turned into one

5. Subscription Service

Finally, signing them up for a subscription service and paying for it for a year or 6-months could be the ideal gift. There are so many to choose from, whether it’s getting their favorite magazine delivered to them once a month, food hampers, beers, wines, movies, and so on. This is what makes subscriptions such great gifts, as you are sure to find something they will enjoy, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

If the special man in your life has a birthday coming up or you’re celebrating another occasion with him, consider the gift suggestions above and see if you can find him something he will love.

5 Great Gift Ideas for Him