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5 Gifts Every Minimalist Will Love

If you have a special minimalist in your life, then you are all too familiar with their lifestyle. Minimalists tend to stay away from clutter, which means they spend minimal time shopping and tend to only shop for the things they need.

Instead of spending their hard-earned money, they would prefer to spend their time living life through experiences, whether it be traveling or making memories with friends and family.

You would think that shopping for a minimalist is easy because of these reasons, however, just because they live simple lives doesn't mean finding the perfect gift can be easy. That is why we have created a list of the five types of gifts for that particular individual.

Good drinks

According to minimalists, they favor gifts they can eat or sip on over gifts that will sit. For example, their favorite bottle of wine that may be a little more expensive and is not something they would splurge on themselves is a great gift because it’s something that they can experience with someone else over dinner.

Another reason this makes for an awesome gift is that because they have chosen to avoid a more lavish lifestyle which includes expensive taste, this is something that they may have given up on or only buy once in a blue moon. However, it still embraces that social aspect that is preferred by sharing it with someone special.

Good eats

Another great gift would be a gift card to an upscale restaurant. Although the gift card itself is tangible, the experience is not. Minimalism favors adventures and events to live their best lives and spend their time doing what they love most. How could you not love a nice evening at an upscale restaurant with the perfect company? This is not only an opportunity for a great experience, they are sure to enjoy some good eats over some great conversation and make some new memories (especially if this is their first time visiting the establishment).


When you think about minimalism the first thing that comes to mind is — no clutter. For this reason, subscriptions make the perfect gift because you don’t have to keep stock, you can plan for the next order to come in the next month no matter what it is. For example, if your minimalist is a coffee drinker, a subscription to a coffee club that delivers coffee from different countries would easily be used.

You can get coffee grinds from any grocery store but coffee grinds from around the world are taking it to the next level. If it’s not coffee they enjoy, a meal-kit delivery from places such as Hello Fresh is another great way to give them good eats and a new experience if they have never tried it. This is also another favorite because you can choose your delivery times to pile up and create clutter in their pantry and refrigerator.

Wardrobe essentials

Let's take a break from food and venture out to other ideas. When it comes to fashion, minimalists prefer to stay away from the high-end, expensive designers. Their closet only has items that they need because they purposely avoid shopping and splurging on fashion items. That is why accessories make better gifts.

Accessories such as Lizard Tail Adjustable Rope Belts are simple, unique, and essential for practically everybody. Because it is a casual addition to their wardrobe, you can bet that they will get a lot of use out of it and it doesn’t take a lot of space to store. Other accessories that seem to be a hit with a minimalist’s closet are sunglasses, simple earrings, a sleek wallet for men, a clutch for women, and a simple stylish watch. Since they are all small items, they shouldn’t take too much space to store.


Since minimalists prefer to experience material things, another perfect gift is a spa day. If you know your loved one is experiencing some aches, a 90-minute massage at a swanky spa will be not only a great surprise but also very much appreciated.

If they have brought up needing a mani-pedi or needing their hair cut or trimmed, this is another opportunity to find out who their go-to person is for this and pay for a service upfront so that they can schedule it on their own time. No matter how minimal or lavish the lifestyle, we can all agree that hygiene is always as important for both. So even if it’s hard to find their stylist or salon, you can still gift them a few spa essentials that they can enjoy at home.

The best part about minimalists is that you can get creative giving them experiences even if they require tangible things. Just keep in mind that it’s about how they can use those tangible things to create an experience. Once you have that in mind, it will make it a lot easier to find the perfect gift.

5 Gifts Every Minimalist Will Love