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5 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Work Laptop Bag

Buying A Work Laptop Bag

Not a lot of professionals would consider investing in a quality laptop bag for work. Maybe it’s because they’ve never given much thought to it or simply because it’s not among their priorities. The truth is, your laptop bag functions more than just a bag. It’ll also serve as your laptop’s insurance.

If you start thinking from that perspective, you’ll begin to ponder on how crucial it is to find the right laptop bag for work. Take note that you don’t need just any regular bag. Rather, you need one that’ll protect your computer from bumps, scratches, impacts, water, and the always-changing weather. 

If you’re now fully convinced that you need only the best laptop bag, here are some factors to consider before you go shopping for one:


Before you look into other factors to consider before buying a work laptop bag, size comes first. While it has to be a compact bag that you can easily carry around when you need to, you can’t use the bag if it won’t fit your laptop inside. An overly large work bag, on the other hand, will look too bulky and difficult to carry. Additionally, consider storage for other accessories that go with your laptop, such as your mouse and computer charger.

Laptop bags usually come in specified sizes based on the laptop’s model or make. If that’s the case, you won’t have a problem choosing one that fits your needs. However, if there’s no specification for that detail, you’ll need to manually measure your laptop so you can compare it to the sizes of the bags you’re eyeing on.

Buying A Work Laptop Bag


As you’re most likely to use the bag every day for work, it has to be made from high-quality materials or fabric. Your laptop bag must be durable enough to withstand day-to-day commute or travel. This means that the material should be tear-resistant, sturdy, and durable. Having these qualities will ensure that the bag will last longer, and, more importantly, your laptop will be kept safe from any possible damage.

You might’ve noticed several of your colleagues carrying around a Von Baer leather bag brand. Though leather bags can be a bit expensive compared to other bag materials in the market, it’s an investment that you won’t regret. If you choose a well-made leather bag, you can expect it to last longer and age well in a way that it won’t look old even after using it for several years.  

Another unique feature of a leather laptop bag is its practicality and its ability to combine comfort, beauty, and durability. Thus, not only does it look stylish, but it’s also long-lasting and comfortable to hang around your shoulders.

Buying A Work Laptop Bag


Sure, you’re buying a work laptop bag because you need something that can carry your laptop when going to work. But if you’re to look beyond the primary purpose of the bag, you should consider how and where you’ll be using it, too. 

If you commute every day on your way to work, will the bag be easy to carry? Is it cushioned and firm enough to hold up against people rushing around you? If you ride a bike or a motorcycle on your way to work, a travel laptop bag may be suitable for you. But make sure you’re always alert because the straps could easily break, and you won’t even notice it if you’re too focused on driving or pedaling on your way. 

For this reason, most people prefer shoulder or crossbody straps in their laptop bags. Briefcases or messenger bags are also popular, particularly in men who like to look casual yet professional at the same time. A leather work bag, on the other hand, is a favorite for those who are into versatility but still want to retain that classy and professional look.

Buying A Work Laptop Bag


Another factor to consider when buying a work laptop bag is the style. This could refer to the style of the bag that you prefer or could simply mean the style that you have as a professional. Aesthetics is always an essential factor to think of when buying anything, and that’s also applicable to buying a laptop bag.

Sometimes, some would think that style needs to be sacrificed if you want a product that’ll last long or when you don’t have the budget for an expensive bag. This shouldn’t be the case because you can actually find a laptop bag that has all the features that you want, especially style. 

If you’re techy, a briefcase-style should work for you. If you're more of a business casual kind of person who likes wearing smart casual outfits at work, then leather messenger bags will surely complement your style. For someone who always carries so many things at a time, a tote laptop bag could be what you’re looking for.


You might be wondering why the price is actually placed at the bottom of the list. While others may suggest that you consider the price of the bag first before anything else, it shouldn’t always be the case. If you’re after durability, high quality, and, most especially, style, the price is only a number for you.

You can’t possibly hope to buy the best work laptop bag if you’re not willing to shell out some money for it. But that doesn't mean that you’ll need to break the bank just to get the right laptop bag that’ll meet all your needs and preferences. If your goal is to buy a leather work bag worth several hundreds of dollars that’ll last for several years, that’s not expensive at all. Rather, it’s a practical purchase that you can consider as an investment.

Final Words

Deciding to buy a good work laptop bag is one thing, but the process of actually purchasing it is another. There are several factors to consider to ensure that you don’t impulsively buy the first thing you see on the market. 

A working professional like you shouldn’t hesitate to buy essentials and accessories that’ll protect your profession and equipment. Your work laptop is among these essentials that deserve the utmost care and protection. 

Make sure to buy a laptop bag that has the right size, material, usability, style, and price. As soon as you start using it, you’ll be more than glad that you made the right choice.

5 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Work Laptop Bag