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December 21, 2022

5 Diamond Cuts That are Perfect for an Engagement Ring

Diamonds are the perfect stone for an engagement ring. They symbolize love and eternity, and they are a beautiful addition to an engagement ring. The diamond has been associated with romance and affection for centuries, so it's no wonder that it is used in engagement rings all over the world.

That being said, there are many cuts of diamonds available on Rare Carat, so which ones are perfect for an engagement ring? Let’s find out.

diamond cut

#1 Round-Cut Diamond

American musician Drake was recently under the spotlight as he showed off a diamond ring necklace that featured round-cut diamonds. GQ Australia reported that the necklace cost over $18 million. Of course, you don’t have to spend that much money when buying round-cuts.

The round-cut diamond is a classic cut that has been around for centuries. It's the most popular choice for engagement rings, especially in America.

When it comes to choosing a diamond, the shape of the cut is just as important as its size. The round cut can vary from one diamond to another, but they are always symmetrical and have an even distribution of light through their center.

The round diamond has been worn by royalty and commoners alike since ancient times. It's also a popular choice for wedding bands because it matches well with many different styles of engagement rings. This makes it easy for you to create a custom set that reflects your unique tastes and personality.

You might want to check out the Rare Carat website to discover various carat sizes of the round-cut diamond and how they might fit and look on your ring. Rare Carat’s on-site ring designer app will help you visualize your design, and also see what it might cost you. 

#2 Princess-Cut Diamond

A princess-cut diamond is a round diamond that has been cut to have a square edge. The name comes from the resemblance to a square-cut stone, thus making it a princess cut.

The diamond shape is best suited for rings with smaller stones in them because it allows room for more diamonds to be placed around it. It also looks great in engagement rings because of its simple lines and minimalistic design.

Princess-cut Diamonds are available in all colors of the rainbow, but they are most commonly seen in white gold or platinum settings. They can also be set into other metals like yellow gold or silver if desired by the wearer.

#3 Heart-Cut Diamond

The heart-cut diamond is one of the most popular diamond cuts. It's also a great choice for an engagement ring, as it's simple and elegant, with a soft glow that catches the eye.

A heart-shaped diamond has a pointed, heart-like shape. It has two parallel sides that meet at a point, giving it an overall rectangular shape with two rounded corners. The top side of this gem is usually flat or slightly convex, while the bottom side is more concave.

The cut is designed to maximize light return and sparkle, which makes it perfect for engagement rings and other pieces where you want your diamond to shine.

#4 Cushion-Cut Diamond

U.S. Magazine dived deep into Meghan Markle’s diamond engagement ring from Prince Harry. The ring featured a cushion-cut diamond that’s spectacular to look at.  The cushion-cut is one of the most popular engagement rings. It was first used in the 19th century, but it's still as popular today as ever.

The cushion-cut is square in shape and has corners that are rounded off with flat sides. It's named after its resemblance to a cushion. The sides of this diamond have a deep, symmetrical curve that makes them appear almost completely flat. 

This design makes them look larger than they are, which makes it perfect for those who want to make an impact without spending too much money or having to go overboard with their budget.

#5 Pear-Cut Diamond

Instore Magazine recently reported about Rachel Bradshaw getting engaged. However, the focus of the story was more on her pear-cut diamond ring. The pear-cut diamond is a brilliant cut that has a flat base and sides that are curved. It is one of the most popular cuts in engagement rings because it is large, yet not too large. 

Pear-cut diamonds have a lot of fire and brilliance due to the way that light bounces off the facets.

Lab-created diamonds are cheaper than natural ones. Thus, if there’s a pear-cut diamond that you like, but it’s too expensive, you can find something similar, man-made, but inexpensive. Lab-grown diamonds are thus gaining a lot of attention these days, especially when they act as alternatives to expensive natural cuts like the pear-cut diamonds. 

Rare Carat provides natural diamonds, but it’s known for selling lab diamonds, too. These lab-grown diamonds are also priced significantly lower than their natural counterparts, as discussed earlier. Thus, you should browse the Rare Carat catalog to see if you can find a lab-grown diamond that appeals to you. 

All these cuts are perfect for any diamond engagement ring. Make sure you weigh your options and then decide which one would best suit the engagement ring you’re envisioning.