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5 Coats Every Modern Man Must Have in His Wardrobe

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Winter is coming. Depending on the severity of winter in your area, you’ll need to choose the right outer closing to keep you warm.

Probably, you already have a classic black or dark blue coat for low temperatures. However, one coat is not enough for a long winter season, so as a modern gentleman, you should have several coats for different occasions.

One or two of them should be saved for your dating experiences. Guys behind a popular online dating service prepared five must-have items.

5 Coats Every Modern Man Must Have in His Wardrobe #mensfashion #coats #fashion

Camel coat

A cashmere camel coat is a smart investment for many years ahead. You can combine it with the garments of burgundy, emerald, and dark blue colours.

Apart from cashmere, pay attention to camel hair coats – this material has very good thermoregulatory properties.  

If you want something exclusive and sophisticated, then a vicuna coat can satisfy your whim. A camel coat adds sophistication to your image making it a perfect item for a romantic occasion.

5 Coats Every Modern Man Must Have in His Wardrobe #mensfashion #coats #fashion

Duffel coat

A wool coat without lapels but with a hood and large buttons was designed in Europe in the mid-19th century.

However, it gained its popularity when it became the official uniform of the British Navy. British sea-folk liked big patch pockets, large buttons that could be easily hooked up even with cold fingers, hood, and water-resistant fabric that is still used to make duffel coats.

Not only the sea-folk but also laymen appreciated the casual aesthetics of duffel coats, so soon they began to be associated with the English fashion. The main advantage of this kind of outerwear is its universality.

It will look good both with a suit and your favourite denim trousers. A perfect duffel coat is quite easy to find. For example, Gloverall, a British brand, offers original models.

They are not cheap, but you’ll never regret your purchase, as duffel coats are always in fashion.

5 Coats Every Modern Man Must Have in His Wardrobe #mensfashion #coats #fashion


Originally, hooded parkas were worn by the Inuits who protected themselves from the severe Arctic climate.

Bu the mid-20th century, parka had become the favourite piece of clothing for mountaineers and polar explorers. Unlike duffel coats, parkas didn’t reach the catwalks. However, the parka is the warmest among the winter coats and jackets.

It’s a perfect item when temperatures are lower than 20 degrees Celsius. High-quality and worthy in all respects parkas are made by Alpha Industries.

A meticulous replica of the parka which Sir Edmund Hillary wore when he climbed Mount Everest will cost you a pretty penny, but you’ll make all dandies envy you.

Alpha Industries’ lookbook shows that it’s possible to wear a parka with a suit. If you prefer a more conservative style, combine it with thick denim jeans, a wool sweater, and Red Wings boots.

Such outfit is not a good option for the office look, but it’s appropriate for a winter outdoor walk.

5 Coats Every Modern Man Must Have in His Wardrobe #mensfashion #coats #fashion

Pea coat

This short coat is great for mild winters. Along with duffel coats, pea coats were initially part of the sea-folk uniform. Some brands still keep in mind this fact, so they create special buttons with anchors for these coats.

In the 2000s, pea coats gained its popularity among the civilians. Even Dr. Gregory House, a character of famous series, sported a pea coat that he substituted for his leather jacket.

To find a classic pea coat, go to Spiewak – the site of American designer brand with almost a hundred-year history.

Pea coats don’t go with formal clothes, such as jackets, ties and bow tie. However, it’s still possible to combine it with a jacket if the latter is shorter than the coat.

Also, remember that it’s not a very warm coat, so dress in layers. You can pair a pea coat with jeans, but a better option is grey wool trousers.

They will add some nobility to your image that a plain pea coat lacks. Complete your look with a knitted scarf and a knitted hat.

5 Coats Every Modern Man Must Have in His Wardrobe #mensfashion #coats #fashion

Oversized coat

The aesthetics of The Wolf of Wall Street and nostalgia for the 80s can be traced in many collections of this season.

It seems that designers decided to fight against slim-fitted silhouettes in men’s business wardrobe. An oversized coat is like your old classic coat, but it looks more stylish, adding a certain level of mystery to your image.

Since it’s longer than a usual coat, it keeps the warmth better, so you can share your warmth with your loved one.  

5 Coats Every Modern Man Must Have in His Wardrobe #mensfashion #coats #fashion

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