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5 Body Shaping Solutions

From the 16th century, the world has been abuzz with body contouring. Think about it, the corsets and cinched waist bodices age were the century's highlight. Since then, the decades-old body shaping trend has seen a series of redefinitions and modifications. Don't get us wrong; we credit fashion icon Kim Kardashian's influence on the body shaping culture; however, the practice has been around for longer than we can remember.

Women and men across the globe are fast embracing compression garments to achieve a leaner, more accentuated form, and we're here for it. One has to admit; body shaping solutions have been nothing short of life-changing in this contemporary age. From complementing fitness journeys to facilitating postpartum body transitions and improving body posture, the future of form shaping solutions is promising.

Body Shaping Five Ways

Quite frankly, body contouring is a controversial topic, and with so many schools of thought and mixed emotions surrounding the subject, it's natural to feel overwhelmed when making your decision. Regardless, suppose you're affirmative on embarking on a body shaping journey; we're breaking down five solutions to help you make an informed decision—these body sculpting options based on goals, lifestyle, and preferences.

Steel boned waist trainer corsets

The steel-boned waist trainers are notably one of the best shapewear in the market. Ideally, steel boned waist corsets are a high compression garment designed with sturdy, thick, and elastic material upholstered by steel boning. The steel boning is incorporated all around the fabric's perimeter and comes in a range of 9 and 25 bone options. As snug as they come, steel-boned waist trainers can be pretty comfortable; this is because of the hook-and-eye embellishment that allows the wearer some room for adjustment. Why are they a favorite? This shapewear offers immediate dramatic effects to the midsection creating an hourglass illusion- who wouldn't want that?

High waist tummy control leggings

Convenience and functionality wrapped up in one; this is the high waist tummy-control leggings deal. From the description, one can deduce that this isn't your typical waist training shapewear; it comes in leggings form bundled with a waistline cinching design. The comfortable leggings have a high-waisted style and are snug-fitting around the waist for effective tummy control. Additionally, this high-waisted pair is incorporated with a butt lifting design to give you the best of both worlds- a trimmer waistline and a rounder, accentuated derriere. The tummy control leggings are tailored with soft and breathable fabric for maximum comfort and fitted with cute pockets. We love this pair for workouts or everyday errands.

Compression band waist belts

Compression band waist belts are the ultimate all-inclusive shapewear. The best part; compression belt waist cinchers are pleasant, diverse, and roomy enough to be worn by new moms, plus-sized persons, and abdominal-injury recovery patients. This body shaping piece is designed to snatch those midsections in all the right places without feeling too tight. Ranging from thick and thin, compression bands make one of the most comfortable body shapers, ideal for waist training newbies. That's not all; shapewear bands seamlessly blend into any outfit without revealing any bulges or rolls.

Breathable waist cinchers

A balance between waistline accentuation, tummy control, and comfort is what you're signing up for with breathable waist cinchers. From the name, breathable waist cinchers get created from a breathable porous material that permeates sweat from the compressional garment leaving you feeling dry and fresh throughout the day. Unlike most body shaping solutions, the breathable waist cincher is also designed with four built-in steel boning to streamline that waistline while sufficiently offering your back support, consequently improving your posture. Did we mention the hook and eye closure system incorporated in this shapewear that lets you adjust your waist cincher however you like?

Full body seamless shaper

The full body shaper is a seamless, butt lifting contouring creation that runs from the shoulder to mid-thigh. With the core material being nylon and spandex, these compression garments are designed to be lightweight and breathable. The seamless full-body shapewear also notably applies sufficient pressure to smooth down any lumps and bumps without feeling constricting. The piece comes in a range of sleeved and sleeveless designs and various sizes to fit any body type. Furthermore, full-body shapewear is adorned with adjustable straps for support and comfort and can be worn under any clothing undetectably- what more could a girl ask for?

Final Takeaway

Body shaping solutions have taken quite a turn from the inception of traditional corsets.

The forms, shapes, materials, and cuts of modern-day body-shaping pieces are more accommodative and designed to fit a broader range of lifestyles and preferences. Despite the debatable subject of body shapers being far from settled, it still is one of the top approaches to sculpting those pesky midsection bulges. There is no denying that body shapers give an instantly visible effect of an accentuated midriff, and that's just one of the many benefits that come with them. Ultimately, the choice and selection of body shapers depend on personalized factors, so make sure you've carried out your research before making your decision.