June 25, 2020

5 Best Gadgets You Can Fit In Your Pocket This Year


Life can be inconvenienced by so many little things. Every day we walk through life not even knowing that one small handy device could change our lives. There are many new devices coming out on the market every single day.

From small pocket watches that also track our bodies vitals all the way to basic reusable grocery bags, one small gadget that can fit in your pocket can change your entire life. Consider these few gadgets that have proven to be pocket sized convenient products.

The Single Use Charger

We hear the story all the time. Someone finds themselves trapped on the side of the road with a broken-down car and a dead cell phone. With danger lurking everywhere most people are unlikely to pull over to help. However, if you find yourself in this situation you will not be in trouble. You will have the handy single use charger in your glove box.

This is a long lasting, fairly universal charger that you can store in your purse or glove box. Then you can quickly charge your phone and get the help you need. The cost of the single use charger is about 15 dollars. Cheap enough to be worth having around but expensive enough you will only use it when you really need it! A handy invention that could also be lifesaving.

Mini Tile Tracker

Everyone has had that day where nothing goes right. Then to top it off we lose our keys. Keys can be anywhere from falling out of your pocket while walking into work all the way to being deep in the crevice of a couch. But if you have the tile mate you will know exactly where your keys are with the touch of your smart phone.

The tile mate is a small key tag you can attach to your keys. Then you can see exactly where your keys are. So, no more searching and searching. Find your keys at the touch of a button with the tile mate key tags.

Although they are marketed for keys they have been used for many purposes. Some people put them in their back pack so if it gets lost or stolen you know exactly where it went. There are even stories of people putting the tile mate in the bottom of their child’s shoe before going to Disney land. That way if they get lost they are traceable. This is a great multipurpose life changing gadget. They have also been used as gadgets to spy.

Cable Yo-yo

Have you ever gotten to the gym and went to put your headphones in your ears and found that the wires are all caught up in a big spider web nest? How frustrating! Luckily there is a convenient gadget called the cable yoyo. The cable yoyo is basically that.

It’s a yoyo shaped object that you can wrap your headphones around and then latch the ear buds in the end. This way it can float around in your gym bag, car or home and never get bound up. It makes putting your headphones in a quick and easy process. This small 5-dollar object can make your whole day better.

The Camping Utensil

Have you ever been anywhere that you needed a fork, spoon and knife but those basic plastic wares were clumpy and oversized? The camping utensil tool is basically a pocket knife style utensil tool. So instead of flipping open a knife on a pocket knife, you flip open a spoon, fork or steak knife.

Some even come with a handy bottle opener. So, don't leave your house to go out in the wild without it. The camping utensil has also proven super convenient for keeping in your desk or tool box at work. Pack a lunch but forget to pack a fork? Crack out your convenient camping utensil for any cutlery you would need.

The Chip Bag Sealer

Everyone has heard of the chip clip. A simple clip that you can use on the top of an opened chip bag. The chip clip helps keep your chips from getting exposed to the oxygen and going stale too quickly.

But what if we could do one better. What if we could actually re seal the chip bag for you. Well now you can! With the chip bag re sealer. The chip bag re-sealer literally melts the top of the bag back closed just like at the factory. It is convenient and keeps your chips fresh longer. So check out this handy pocket sized gadget.


Don't let your day be defined by common annoyances such as stale chips or messy ear buds. Invest in some of these convenient products. From the chip re-sealer to the single use phone charger you could save your chips or save your life with one of these small, handy, pocket sized gadgets.