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5 Amazing Engagement Rings Alternative for Untraditional Couple

You got to admit that you burn like hell, when you see gorgeous couples doing a fairy tale wedding. Stop pretending well about it and make your hopeless romantic story an adventurous and adorable one.

Picture yourself in an astonishing dress with people around you gazing at your ravishing look. If it sounds like a perfect engagement ceremony for you, you are surely on the right track.

In this post, we have summarized five most amazing engagement rings inspos for accomplishing a mesmerizing engagement journey. Pick one of the beautiful rings among them and prepare for redemption from whatever that comes your way.

So let’s not wait further to explore them out.

1. Morganite Rings

Morganite Rings could be something that would fancy any untraditional couple. These Morganite Engagement Rings are made from morganite stones that make them completely unique. If you and your partner are planning something out of the world, these engagement rings would fit in every sort of theme that you would like to make for the special occasion. If complete replacement of engagement ring sounds unrealistic, these unique sorts of rings are perfect to take the place in your heart.

2. Tattoo

Tattoos are setting trends for fashion lovers. Whether they are celebrity or just ordinary fashion freaks, these tattoos befits every person style notebook. Put them on your finger instead of a ring and notice the people peek your unimaginable transformation. You can get creative to what you want on your finger, ideally it could be your partner’s name, but it can be anything that would promise a sense of fulfillment to you.

3. Bracelet

Nothing could be sweeter than these glamorous bracelets. Use them as a symbol of love that reflects the ultimate bond of your relationship. Be aware these bracelets can be quirky that would turn your event into a magnificent one. So, this bracelet would ultimately be a tremendous alternative for an engagement ring.

4. Necklace

Your engagement ceremony would be a jam-packed event. With people from all walks of life, it surely has to be a showstopper that fills you with utter joy and pride. Achieve the sheer bliss by wearing these classic necklaces that would speak to your style and would melt anyone who encounter its sparkling charm. Undoubtedly, these pieces would hook anyone around including your partner.

5. Fancy Watch

Experience something wonderful and marvelous, these spectacular fancy watches could be no better alternative to an engagement ring on the very special day. Go timeless with these time gauging devices, wear them on your wrist and become super stylish.

You can even pose for some candid moments before or after the function. All in all, these watches add exclusivity and would replace even the most gorgeous ring out there.


While rings are something materialistic, they cannot become the reflection of your feelings. What makes a relationship even more special is the very understanding of once taste and choice.