4 Useful Tips For Selling Your Car
July 01, 2020

4 Useful Tips For Selling Your Car

Have you decided to sell your car? Yes, but to whom? A professional or an individual? How to get the best price? What are the formalities to be completed and what documents to provide? Here are some good tips to put the odds on your side!

1. Sell to a professional or an individual?

The first choice is the right one if you are in a hurry and if you prefer to sell without worrying about anything. On the other hand, if you want to get the best price and if you are ready to take care of all the formalities, make the second choice. See below for the pros and cons of each option.

> Dealer

You buy a new car and the dealer offers you a nice trade-in bonus for your old vehicle.
+ Quick and easy
+ The garage takes care of everything, including technical control

+ You need the dealer in some cases, for example when you need to sell your junk car; you really need to deal with junk car pick up.
- Lower price than between individuals
- Fewer discounts granted on the new vehicle

> From individual to individual

+ This is the solution that can bring you the most: 15 to 20% more on average
- You must take care of everything (sales announcements, technical control ...)

2.Where to sell?

Specialized internet sites: this is the most used channel. Placing your classified ad is free most of the time.

- Classified ads in specialized newspapers: it is expensive and you are entitled to very few words. Not optimal!

- Word of mouth: why not? Post your ad on your facebook page, facebook marketplace or blog.

- Second-hand markets: they are often organized on Sundays in supermarket parking lots and attended by professionals on the lookout for bargains. However, beware of crooks and other crooks. A solution to consider only if you are an outstanding negotiator and if you are used to this kind of practice.

3. How to fix the sale price?

The value of your vehicle depends on a whole series of objective elements: mileage, make, model, cubic capacity, year of entry into service, type of engine, fuel, power and options. But also more subjective elements: what is the general condition of the vehicle? Are you the first owner or not? Has the vehicle been in an accident?

- Consult several specialized sites to check the current price of your car. And cross-check the results.
- Compare: read classified ads in newspapers and on the internet to find out what prices are offered for similar models on the market.
- Ask for an estimate in several garages.
- Ask for an in-depth diagnosis at a quick maintenance center, stating that you want to resell your car. And also ask him for a quote for any work to be done. But only change the bare essentials which will give added value to your vehicle.
Or leave the work to the buyer with the risk of having to accept a lower price. Thanks to the quote, you have in any case a good idea of your room for maneuver.

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4. Take care of the little details

- Clean your car, interior, exterior, car wash.
- Clean the vehicle from top to bottom
- Replace broken parts and worn floor mats
- Check the engine fluid levels. Read our article on the 10 points you can control yourself.
- Also take care of your ad (a good photo is attractive)
- Mention the assets (1st owner, low mileage ...) ...
… Without forgetting anything! If there are faults, mention them (e.g. broken car radio ...). In the event of hidden defects, the buyer will have the right to turn against you and claim money from you.

Hopefully the tips above can help you when you need to sell your car later.